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Chinese Literacy Class

  What should children who have not yet cultivated reading literacy do in the face of 108 syllabus literacy-oriented questions?

The 108 new curriculum is officially on the road, and "literacy" has become the trend of future education. The number of contextualized question groups and question and answer types has increased significantly, testing children's reading comprehension, cross-disciplinary integration, expression and writing skills, and Chinese literacy It will become an indispensable core key ability for children.Bideen Chinese literacy class, let reading literacy be implemented in life, focus on the key points, and make a summary of everything!

​ By taking this course, you will gain...

​Chinese Listening and Reading

​appropriate words

Precise expression

​paragraph to the effect

academic performance

reading literacy
Implementation of ​

108 new curriculum Chinese literacy

Easily deal with long situational test questions

The 108 new syllabus is officially on the road, and the situational question groups and question types have increased significantly. The Bideen Chinese literacy class uses themed and interesting themes to lead children to explore the fun of Chinese!

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​multiple integrated logical thinking

Who said that Chinese does not need mathematical logic!

The Bideen Chinese Literacy Class uses contextual teaching methods to develop children's logical thinking and inspire the diversification and integration of the brain. It is not a problem to clearly remember the points, simplify the summary, and integrate the main idea!

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The four "together" good
Guided Writing Made Easy

🔹Play together - story teaching and interesting themes
🔹Learning together - flexible use and theme construction
🔹Thinking Together - Contextual Understanding and Reading Cultivation
🔹Win-win - cross-field integration of independent writing

​ Give children high-quality Chinese education!

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Bideen's Chinese literacy class allows every child who participates in the reading course to gradually take root in reading habits and logical thinking through practical activities such as reading, summarizing, and writing, regardless of whether they are in or out of class. In the process, settle down your heart, absorb the cultivation and knowledge of literature, flexibly respond to the new curriculum and new examination questions, and combine reading and writing with life.

Steady and steady improvement of literacy skills, easy to cope with the new curriculum

Textbooks and Curriculum
Reading + Poetry Literacy Demystified

螢幕擷取畫面 2022-07-10 160319.jpg
螢幕擷取畫面 2022-07-10 160334.jpg

This book is a selection of 52 Chinese and foreign fables, fairy tales and ancient poems suitable for middle-grade students to read, with vivid and interesting illustrations to arouse children's interest in reading and make them easily integrated into the storyline. Each article contains an idiom, with explanations and example sentences, so that children can correctly understand the meaning of the idiom and apply it flexibly. In addition, this book is written in line with character education, so that children can develop good moral character while reading happily, and cultivate reading comprehension and literacy.

You learn not only poetry and rhetoric, but also writing and life! Selected 42 poems from The Book of Songs, Yuefu, Tang Poems, Song Ci, and Yuan Qu, and analyze the use of words, rhetorical art, writing structure, and background of the times, and take you to a deep understanding of the secrets hidden behind the words, which the poet did not say... Learning poetry is not only for children to experience the beauty of words and rhyme, but also for children to understand the emotions conveyed by poets between words and sentences, as well as the time and space background of history and environment, so as to construct a rich and rich poetry that includes language, character, art, etc. Connotative humanistic qualities.

螢幕擷取畫面 2022-07-10 155653.jpg

Teacher Chen Yinglu
Graduated from Beiyi Girls' High School
Department of Law, National Taiwan University
​ Rich teaching experience in high school supplementary courses and tutoring

Course Information
class locations:
Lutheran School 2377-0850  Neihu School 8791-1701

class time:
Friday 16:30-18:00  Saturday 16:30-18:00

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