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I want to join the special store

All well-to-do businessmen who are operating legitimately are welcome to join! We are more than happy to serve you.
As long as you are willing to become a special cooperative store of Beden Art American English Classroom, after the review, exceptDiscounts for employees' children enrolling in coursesIn addition, you can also help your business on the official website of Beden Art American English Classroomfree exposure, to increase your brand awareness, and thus increase your turnover!


Become a Beiden authorized store to enjoy exclusive benefits
​ can even get a chance to get free exposure, fill out the form to apply!

Apply for special cooperation, the preferential description is as follows:

1. When the children of the employees of all levels of special cooperative stores/manufacturers sign up for courses at the counters of each school of the Bideen Art American English Classroom, they must present their employee identification card or company business card when paying the fee. The Biden Art American English Classroom will provide the following discounts:
(1)Children of employees at all levels can enjoy a 5% discount when enrolling in talent & American English courses.
(2) This special cooperation discount does not include AIA courses (AQUINAS INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY)

2. The special discount plan is limited to the children of employees at all levels of the specially contracted cooperative store/manufacturer, and cannot be transferred to others for use. Special cooperation discounts cannot be used in combination with other promotions of BD Art American English Classroom.

3. When the children of employees of special cooperative stores/manufacturers at all levels sign up for courses at the counters of Bideen Art American English Classroom, they must show their employee identification card or company business card in advance. After being checked by the counter staff, the special cooperative store/manufacturer can enjoy The above discounts, otherwise the discounts will not be given, and the special cooperative stores/manufacturers are obliged to inform all levels of staff. Special cooperation stores/manufacturers should communicate the preferential content of this agreement to all employees at all levels of the company.

4. Special cooperation stores/manufacturers may post the special cooperation logo of Beden Art American English Classroom in an obvious place.

Marble Surface

special store


Lemu Fashion Clinic


Our prices are open and transparent, we adhere to the warranty of the original factory goods, we insist on the original machine consumables, and the single payment does not include the course of treatment! Lemu makes you who have no time, have time to be beautiful.

IG search: @lamoreclinic|Line ID: @lamore

Fitness International Limited


Jianlemei International Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Best International Co., Ltd., has been established for nearly 30 years. The main product is Runve, a home beauty appliance. The products are sold all over the world, and are deeply loved by beauty care companies and consumers around the world.

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