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Chess Course is opening in Taipei ! Chess courses for children


Chess is the intellectual game that boosts thinking process and analytical skills. It is known for its quick responses and forecasting qualities. If you, as a parent want your child to be future-ready, be quick thinking, reasonable, logical and with great cognitive abilities, chess is the best choice. It is one of the most unique way that helps pushing boundaries and buildilng logical skills through the game. And as a game, chess is a skill-based game involving lots of attention to detail and critical thinking.

Signing up child for the chess course at an early stage is a lucrative decision in the long run, as it helps to build vital qualities in child's mind and conquer the battle of minds in future. Besides that, rightly called the king of board games, chess is full of surprises, excitement and fun.

The vital benefits of playing chess by kids

1. Raises the IQ: As a parent, you always want the intelligent quotient of your child to be high. You aim that your child should be quick at memorizing, correlating and anticipating. Chess is one of the rarest games that focus on all these aspects. It raises the IQ levels and improves focusness as well. So, if you want your child to shine and get the highest IQ score, then introduce him/her to the world of chess right from the beginning.

2. Problem-solving skills: Playing chess regularly, augments the problem-solving skills. It's a great way to make your child being self-independent and future-ready, with ability to cope up with problems and finding solutions. Chess is very helpfull in this process as it develops reasoning and thinking ability, at the same time helpimg a child to be confident with its actions.

3. Advances Spatial Skills: Chess is the game of calculation and moves. One needs to be very calculative and visualize other players’ moves as well. In that way chess helps to escalate the spatial skills and develop visualization. It makes kids capable of mentally manipulating images and finding the solutions as well. As chess requires lots of focus and concentration to solve complex problems to win the game, it has a good impact on the brain and cognitive development of a child.

4. Improves Memory: It is a scientific fact that playing chess improves the memory. While playing chess one should not only plan one’s move but also remember the previous moves of the opponent as well. In a game of chess, it is very important to remember how different positions and moves can help to save your pieces. This way chess help to improve the memory of a kid which have a positive impact on his/her academics as well.

5. Activates both sides of the brain: Chess is a game that activate the left side of the brain as well as the right side. Experts say that people who play chess regularly use both the sides of their brains. So, when your child learns tips, tricks, rules, techniques and various nuances of chess remember he/she is developing and exercising both sides of its brain.

6. Unleash the creativity: Since chess activates both sides of the brain, it has a lot more to do with creative thinking and analytical thinking as well. It boosts the information processing system in the brain and amplifies kid’s creativity. This way of universal brain development make your child ready to literally any kind of future job – from analytical to creative work.

7. Focus and concentration: One of the major benefits of playing chess is the involvement and necessity of concentration during the game. Chess is the way to make your child be very focused, determined and resolute as well. Developing concentration in your child is very beneficial for academics and sports, but above all, for the real-life situations.


Chess is one of the best mind games. It can play an important role in building important skills and shaping the smart personality of children. Introducing your child to the game of chess will teach him/her valuable qualities which can go far from the board and prepare your child for real-life situations and problems. So assuming all, teaching your child the game of chess can be one of the best and finest ideas of investing into your child's future.

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