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The only Art & English Course in Taiwan ! Art school for children


Hello, my name is Tyler Garrison. I am the new Foreign Teacher Coordinator here at Piloter Art School. In my short time working here, I have noticed that students leave class with a smile every time.

Our most popular courses at Piloter Art School are Art English and ESL classes.

Art English藝術美語

When a child gets to exercise their creativity, they get to escape the pressures of standardized testing and rigorous school. They go to a different place in their mind, and the benefits are seen on their faces when they finish a creation of their own. When a student begins an art project, they will often commit to finishing. They leave with a sense of pride and accomplishment. The best part is, they show more focus so they learn much better. Parents and students love it!


We have some very smart English learners in our ESL program. Parent love that they have a

choice of curriculum. Some of our students learn with Oxford Show and Tell books. These books have creative coloring projects that reinforce learning materials with artistic exercises. For parents that want a more intensive English lesson, they can choose Our World by National Geographic. This is only two of our many options. We make sure students are placed at just the right level, so they show progress every week.

We offer much more than just art classes at Piloter Art School. Students can complement their formal education with Piloter all the way to graduation. With Oral English classes and online classes with an American high school, we have options for every student.

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