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Besten is committed to the development of the art and education industry. The curriculum design emphasizes the cultivation of multiple intelligences and the comprehensive ability of the core literacy of the 108 curriculum. It is expected that children will develop multi-faceted knowledge, affection, and skills in an all-American environment, so that you No matter where your children are, they can give full play to their strengths and shine!

​Main Course|Diversity x Quality x Happiness


​Art x American

What kind of art class is always filled with children's "laughter"?

Using well-known American dynamic and static English picture books to integrate artistic creation, play with creativity and imagination, learn English happily, and let children lay the foundation of language skills from an early age!


ESL All-American Elementary Class

Taught in American by foreign teachers, through fascinating pictures and games, ​brings the world into the classroom and makes the classroom into life!

After completing the studies, you can even obtain the world-recognized Cambridge British Examination Certificate, which will add points to your child's resume and enhance their English competitiveness!

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