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Cambridge English Test KET
Sprint class

The KET sprint class of Cambridge British Examination, aimed atPassed the Cambridge Flyers test or aboveLevel, students who want to pass the Cambridge English Test KET certificate, children who want to study in private schools, help them establish clear English learning goals, and effectively and gradually improve their English ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is not difficult to beat the British test!

Cambridge British Examination KET Sprint Class

What is Cambridge English Examination?

Cambridge International English Certification is a graded test specially developed and designed by Cambridge Assessment English for English learners at all stages. According to the difficulty of the test questions, it is divided into A2 Key, B1 Preliminary, B2 First, and C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency have five levels, including four complete assessments of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, aiming to comprehensively evaluate the English ability of non-English-speaking candidates in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

The content of the test covers academic and various industry topics, and the evaluation content is designed with reference to the needs of the international market; the test results are popular all over the world and are widely used by schools and institutions in many countries.

In addition to self-assessment of English learning results and encouragement of English learning, the results can also be used as a standard for studying abroad or evaluating employees' English ability.


Cambridge British Examination KET Sprint Class

What are KETs?

The full text of KET is  Key for Schools (Elementary), It is suitable for children who have learned 1,600 words to register. Children who pass the KET English test can simply express personal opinions or needs in familiar situations.

Its level is approximately equal to that of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment)A2level.

The full score of the Key for Schools test is 150 points, with Reading & Writing accounting for 50%; Listening and Speaking each accounting for 25%.

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The most credible test

At present, the intermediate and advanced certification issued by the Cambridge University English Examination Institute has been recognized and adopted by many countries around the world. Now Taiwan and the world hold global English certification at all levels every year. And one of the most credible international English proficiency certificates in Taiwan.


Accredited by the Ministry of Education

At present, the effectiveness of the Cambridge English Test in China is completely consistent with that of the National English Test. Middle school students use the Cambridge Elementary English Certification KET as the best proof of English ability when applying for high school admissions, and high school students use the Intermediate English Certification PET as the best proof for university admissions. FCE is an objective indicator of the basic English ability of college graduates. CAE and CPE are the best basis for research institutes or professionals.


Even the EU recognizes it!

The English Examination Institute of Cambridge University is one of the main members of the European Council CEF research and development, and is responsible for the entire research process. In fact, the predecessor of the six levels A1-C2 of CEF is the Cambridge mainstream English certification grading standard, so all Cambridge University The English test corresponds directly to CEF and is one of the certification tests recognized by the European Union and fully compliant with CEF standards.


​ESL class All-American elementary school class, let your child take the exam at the same time
Cambridge English Test KET

In addition to the Cambridge British Examination KET sprint class, Beden also providesESL American Class Series, the learning content conforms to the level of the Cambridge English test, and the professionally qualified foreign teachers will give the children step-by-step review and preview planning.Solid English listening, speaking, reading and writing four basic skills, easy to pass the Cambridge English exam after learning, do not worry about getting good grades in the exam!


​Course information

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