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ESL American Class Series

Beden ESL American English class series includes three classes: ESL All-American English primary class,ESL Elite American Holiday Class,​ESL is promoted to special training classes in private primary schools. Parents can choose suitable classes for their children according to their needs.

ESL American Class Series

​ Give children the best customized American English education

  • combine108 Curriculum Literacy Education, Soft power training starts immediately.

  • Professional teacherAll taught in American, the most authentic American education.

  • High teacher-student ratio, Customize your child's learning journey.

  • Progressivespiral teaching, step by step and steady.

  • game-based teaching, arouse children's learning motivation.

  • ​Attentionlearning autonomy, become a lifelong learner.

  • Teachers participate wholeheartedly and accompany children to learn and grow.


ESL All-American Elementary School Class

Using Discovery's world's first set of English textbooks for children, Our World, gives children authentic American education during weekdays. It is suitable for children of all levels to learn. It is so easy to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing English skills!


ESL Elite American Holiday Class

useShow and Tell, Everyone, Speak! and other diverse teaching materials are customized for different language skills. They are suitable for students with a good English level or those who are studying in private elementary schools. Classes start during holidays, and children who are unable to participate in the ESL National Primary School class on weekdays are also welcome to participate!


ESL promotion private primary school special training class

Use Our World, Skill Sharpeners, Maverick Early Reader  and other diverse teaching materials, with the purpose of STEM education concept, to create cross-disciplinary English education, steadily learn the four major English skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, suitable for children in middle and large classes who target private primary schools !


​ESL Elite American English Holiday Class

Using high-quality English teaching materials such as Show and Tell, Everyone, Speak!,

With ​Djeco Zhihe, Janod and other rich and interesting board games,

Each class is equipped with listening, speaking, reading, and writing training time to create exclusive elite American English education for children in private elementary schools.
The classes are taught in American by foreign teachers, and the small class teaching creates an authentic American teaching environment.

​ Start now and let your children become American elites!


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Get Started for Preschool: Reading and Writing Workbook helps your child learn the alphabet and learn letter sounds, uppercase and lowercase letters step by step.

▌ ACCELERATE YOUR CHILD'S READING PROGRESS: 20 easy-to-follow weekly lessons that build toddler alphabet awareness and reading readiness skills.

▌Creative and interesting lessons: Let your children have fun while learning.

▌ Reward Stickers: Motivate your kids to complete activities.

▌Audio Stories: Offer to listen to audio stories with your children.

Each thematic unit follows a similar format, including: Alphabet Story, Listen to it, Write it down, Find it, Let's review, etc., to prepare your child for elementary school, and practice in "Winning at the Beginning: Reading and Writing" important skills.

Textbook introduction

There are exclusive teaching materials for listening, speaking, reading and writing to create a customized learning process.

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Smart Start: Read and Write, Grade PreK

Skill Sharpeners children's English tutoring exercise book is widely used in the United States! This book has 6 major themes: Math/Reading/Spell & Write/Science/Critical Thinking/Geography, use skills to hone and improve intelligence training!

The Skill Sharpeners series is aimed at the Math (mathematics), Reading (reading), Spell & Write (pinyin and writing), Science (natural science), Critical Thinking (critical thinking), Geography ( Geography) and other abilities, providing a variety of unit activities that attract children's attention.

The topic focuses on fun, but also has some challenges. The exercises pay special attention to the cultivation of children's thinking and flexibility, and improve children's comprehensive ability. Each unit is based on the repeated practice of the skill base. Through the training of skills, children can develop their intelligence and practice makes perfect!

Skill Sharpeners

Three-stage conversation training special book to train young English speakers!
▌A two-in-one teaching material for listening and speaking. The course design first trains listening and basic dialogue, and then advanced training in reading pictures, telling stories and performing skills on stage.
▌Multi-ROM attached at the end of this series of books can select Role-Play and record the role in the conversation practice (the CD also contains course audio files and interactive exercises).
▌Rich teaching resources, including: teacher's handbook, curriculum planning and answers, etc., for the reference of school group booking customers at all levels.

The whole set consists of three volumes, each volume has 12 units, each unit has four pages, and each 3 units has a review. The teaching topics are consistent with the general children's main teaching materials, including: greetings, titles, numbers, colors, animals and places, etc.

The beginner's conversation training book, with beautiful song rhymes, vivid illustrations, integrated with innovative Show and Tell concepts and hand-made activities, solidly trains beginners' conversation ability!

Everyone, Speak! Kids Student Book 1

This set of readers adopts the "Book Band" reading grading system widely used in local schools in the UK. According to the theme of the story, the difficulty of words, the language structure, and the complexity of the content, it is divided into ten levels from easy to difficult by color: pink, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, turquoise, purple, gold, and white.

▌The book has rich themes, integrates daily life and imaginative creation, and has a diverse and lovely painting style, leading children to enter the colorful and interesting reading world with childlike illustrations and moving plots. While allowing children to develop independent reading skills, it also improves spelling skills and vocabulary.
▌Some readers provide online resources, including audio-visual reading aloud, coloring pages, fill-in-the-blank and word-finding games. Gold and White series also provide Quiz test electronic files, which can enhance the richness of parent-child shared reading or classroom activities.

Maverick Early Reader 2-Red

The inquiry-based teaching method guides thinking and develops cognition, animation cartoons accumulate reading skills, and hand-made activities show learning results!

▌The full set consists of three volumes, each volume has nine units, and each unit has ten lessons in the new version. Every three units adapt a story, and review the words and sentence patterns learned in the first three units. It can be used with Literacy Book and Numeracy Book to strengthen reading and writing and numerical exercises.
▌This textbook focuses on the inquiry-based teaching method, and the curriculum emphasizes the cultivation of the 21st century essential abilities (Critical Thinking/Communication/Collaboration/Creativity) from the early childhood stage. Design a variety of activities to stimulate children's potential, cultivate children to actively ask questions, think creatively, express opinions, solve problems, and gradually become independent learners.

▌Teacher's Resource Pack includes hand puppets, unit-opener posters and flash cards (pictures only, no words).

Show and Tell 2

​ Complete Learning Journey Planning

Listening, speaking, reading and writing lays the foundation for English proficiency

Each class is equipped with training time for listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The gradual spiral course design and the game-based teaching method with English board games can arouse children's learning motivation, steadily improve their English ability, and become an English elite. not difficult!

After completing the study, the child will have the ability to pass the Cambridge English Examination! >>Learn about Cambridge


The world-renowned English test that top educational institutions refer to
Cambridge English Test

Cambridge Children's English Certification (YLE) is an international certification test designed and developed by the "Cambridge University Language Assessment and Examination Institute" for elementary school children aged 6 to 12. Young Learners (YLE) test, from low to high, divided into three levels: Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers, A2 Flyers, the test questions are vivid and printed in color, and the oral test is specially designed for face-to-face direct communication between the examiner and the test taker This method allows students to complete the test in a natural and relaxed environment, and all test takers will be awarded a certificate of achievement.


​ESL elite American English holiday class, let your children take the exam at the same time
Cambridge English Test

Bedren also providesCambridge British Examination Sprint Class, let the professional and qualified British inspection teachers give children step-by-step review and preview planning,Contains a large number of test questions, practical test-taking skills, and important time control, so that children can easily cope with the Cambridge English Examination, and do not worry about getting good grades!

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