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​Biden e-Learning provides a wealth of online learning courses and resources, including multiple online courses focusing on STEAM cross-field integration education, and PiloTalk English online courses emphasizing [real-time interaction], Even if classes are suspended for epidemic prevention, you can learn talents at home and build up your English skills!

Why choose Bideen e-Learing
We are just different!

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The STEAM multi-course area focuses on cross-disciplinary integrated education. It combines diverse and interesting talent courses such as chess, children's art, and creative illustrations. Professional Chinese and foreign teachers lead children to "learn by playing, learn by playing." While learning skills, let the language Returning to its "practical life" function, it will strengthen children's English conversation ability, and cultivate children's teamwork, hand-eye coordination, and stimulate creativity and imagination!

Diversified online course area


Real person interaction zone

The PiloTalk real-life interaction zone is taught in American by professional foreign teachers. It focuses on [online real-time real-time interaction], so that children can experience the real interaction with foreign teachers even at home, and strengthen the input of listening and speaking (Input) And output (Output), solid children's four basic English skills! In addition, some courses are supplemented with a rich cloud online library and Lexile reading test questions, providing children with a one-stop cloud learning service from pre-class preview to after-class review!

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