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Founder of Beiden

Corinna Chang, President


​Biden International Co., Ltd.


Besten International Co., Ltd., which has set up art American English classrooms and art centers, ​ is committed to the development of art and education industries,Curriculum design emphasizes multiple intelligences,And the cultivation of the comprehensive ability of the core literacy of the 108 curriculum,Expect children to develop a multi-faceted language in an all-American environmentknowledge, affection, and skills,Let your children develop their strengths and shine no matter where they are!


Beiden Education Philosophy


108 Syllabus
Core literacy

full english

Taiwan's education reform is to start a "whole person education" that is in line with the world's advanced education. Therefore, the 108 curriculum emphasizes the core qualities of three aspects and nine items, people-oriented, and wants to cultivate "lifelong learners". Communication and Interaction” and “Social Participation”. "Quality" refers to the knowledge, affection, and skills that a person needs to live in society. Incorporating affection into the learning content is the essence of the 108 curriculum.

Riding on the trend of the 108 syllabus, in terms of aesthetic education, Beden, as a professional art and language training institution, has become a reform practitioner of educational innovation. Bideen pays attention to artistic literacy and language application ability, deepens aesthetic education into all levels of education, and implements "all-American" education, promotes cross-disciplinary and diverse learning, and hopes to practice the core literacy of three aspects and nine items, so that children can become "" in the 21st century " whole person".

In addition to the professional art courses started by Beden, such as leisure oil painting, art for further studies, and children's art, in 2017, Beden took the lead in combining "art" and "English" across fields, and launched the unique "Children's Art American Language" in Taiwan . The theme-based "All-American" teaching integrates artistic creation, implementing the concept of "learning by doing, learning by doing" by American education scholar John. Dewey. Through situational/game-based teaching methods, the application of advanced multimedia interactive tools, combined with students' life experience , strengthen students' input and output of language, and make language a quality that can be implemented in daily life!

Strengthening English communication and exchanges through artistic creation will comprehensively enhance children's self-confidence and sense of accomplishment, enlighten children's interest in English, and provide students with an existing foundation in an all-American environment to practice the language, laying a good foundation for future study abroad . In addition, based on the concept of multiple intelligences in STEAM, BD has developed multiple talent courses such as drama art creation camp, children's programming, chess, football, western food etiquette in all American languages, to develop children's left and right brains, and to meet the needs of students and parents for 108 The language/art literacy needs of the new syllabus.

In the future, we will combine the American K12 system to form a more complete all-American cross-disciplinary system course, so that students can obtain American national/high school course credits and even graduation diplomas through studying in Beden, which will help future applications American University. In addition, Beden also plans to provide professional study for the National Art Entrance Examination, so that applying to art universities in the United States is no longer a dream.







The United States took the lead in proposing STEM education to cultivate the next generation of hands-on, invention and innovation. STEM pure science and engineering education has limits, and later added art (Art) to become STEAM, looking forward to learning more complete, creating and inventing more human warmth and care.

Courses offered by BD

S, T, E
​Science, Technology, Engineering

​Cultivate children's planning execution, logical analysis ability, and innovative application ability. Beden provides courses such as children's programming and children's natural science classes.


​Cultivate children's art appreciation ability, aesthetic quality and humanistic temperament. Beden provides courses such as artistic American language, children's creative art, leisure oil painting, and art for further studies.


​Cultivate children's basic calculation, logical analysis and application abilities. Beden provides elementary school bilingual mathematics, educational board games and other courses.

Core literacy


The core literacy of the 108 curriculum divides the knowledge, affection, and skills that children need to survive in the 21st century society into three major aspects: autonomous action, social participation, and communication and interaction, and three literacy that need to be learned, commonly known as " The core literacy of "three aspects and nine items".

Beden course

The three major educational institutions under Beden provide a variety of courses to correspond to the core literacy,
At the same time, your child will be given multi-faceted training, and it is right to come to Bideen to keep up with the world's educational trends!

Systems thinking and problem solving​, planning implementation and innovation response


Multiculturalism and International Understanding​, Interpersonal Relations and Teamwork


Artistic cultivation and aesthetic literacy, symbol use and communication expression

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