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ESL American Class Series

Beden ESL American English class series includes three classes: ESL All-American English primary class,ESL Elite American Holiday Class,​ESL is promoted to special training classes in private primary schools. Parents can choose suitable classes for their children according to their needs.

ESL American Class Series

​ Give children the best customized American English education

  • combine108 Curriculum Literacy Education, Soft power training starts immediately.

  • Professional teacherAll taught in American, the most authentic American education.

  • High teacher-student ratio, Customize your child's learning journey.

  • Progressivespiral teaching, step by step and steady.

  • game-based teaching, arouse children's learning motivation.

  • ​Attentionlearning autonomy, become a lifelong learner.

  • Teachers participate wholeheartedly and accompany children to learn and grow.


ESL All-American Elementary School Class

Using Discovery's world's first set of English textbooks for children, Our World, gives children authentic American education during weekdays. It is suitable for children of all levels to learn. It is so easy to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing English skills!


ESL Elite American Holiday Class

useShow and Tell, Everyone, Speak! and other diverse teaching materials are customized for different language skills. They are suitable for students with a good English level or those who are studying in private elementary schools. Classes start during holidays, and children who are unable to participate in the ESL National Primary School class on weekdays are also welcome to participate!


ESL promotion private primary school special training class

Use Our World, Skill Sharpeners, Maverick Early Reader  and other diverse teaching materials, with the purpose of STEM education concept, to create cross-disciplinary English education, steadily learn the four major English skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, suitable for children in middle and large classes who target private primary schools !


Welcome to Our World
​ESL All American Primary School

Using Discovery's world's first children's English textbook Our World,

Introduce your child to the world through English with fun and engaging real-world messages, engaging pictures and games! ​
This course is taught in American English by foreign teachers, creating an authentic American teaching environment and accompanying children to learn easily.

​ Bring the world into the classroom and bring the classroom to life!

After completing the studies, you can even obtain the world-certified Cambridge British Examination Certificate to enhance your children's English competitiveness!

textbook_工作區域 1.png

▌The main axis of writing is the pictures and content of "National Geographic Magazine". The real photos give students a variety of visual stimuli, leading students to understand the real world through learning English, and expand their multicultural horizons.

▌A complete set of seven volumes, each with eight units. There are six pages per unit for Starter series, and ten pages per unit for Volumes 1 to 6. There is a review every four units.

▌Student textbooks are attached with the Online Practice serial number and the website of the online resource network.

▌The Value/Mission page has added clear teaching guidelines, using the three steps of "Think, Pair, and Share" to guide students to think, discuss, and share issues, and deepen their literacy

▌The new Classroom Presentation Tool digitizes the pages of students' textbooks, homework, and Grammar Workbooks. One-click playback of audio and video, as well as real-time interactive games in the classroom.

Our World Textbook Introduction

Connect with the real world and bring the classroom into life!

​ Complete Learning Journey Planning

Rigorous study from primary one to primary six without omission

​ From Starter for preschool children to Our World 6 for sixth grade, children of every age have their own learning process planning. In addition to the main textbook Our World, there is also a Workbook, Grammer, and Phonics, which perfectly take care of the cultivation of the four major skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing!

After completing the study, the child will have the ability to pass the Cambridge English Examination! >>Learn about Cambridge


The world-renowned English test that top educational institutions refer to
Cambridge English Test

Cambridge Children's English Certification (YLE) is an international certification test designed and developed by the "Cambridge University Language Assessment and Examination Institute" for elementary school children aged 6 to 12. Young Learners (YLE) test, from low to high, divided into three levels: Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers, A2 Flyers, the test questions are vivid and printed in color, and the oral test is specially designed for face-to-face direct communication between the examiner and the test taker This method allows students to complete the test in a natural and relaxed environment, and all test takers will be awarded a certificate of achievement.


​ESL class All-American elementary school class, let your child take the exam at the same time
Cambridge English Test

Bedren also providesCambridge British Examination Sprint Class, let the professional and qualified British inspection teachers give children step-by-step review and preview planning,Contains a large number of test questions, practical test-taking skills, and important time control, so that children can easily cope with the Cambridge English Examination, and do not worry about getting good grades!

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