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Founder of Beiden International Co., Ltd.

Corinna Chang, President


​ Interdisciplinary English Conversation

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Beiden International Co., Ltd. originally started with medical materials and was founded by the founder Zhang Suqi. Zhang Suqi is a person who is full of energy, loves work, and strives to absorb new knowledge. She often used Edison's famous saying "Genius is one percent inspiration plus ninety-nine percent diligence", encouraging the company's staff to participate in more activities and courses. Even if they are separated from the status of students, the knowledge of the world is There is never enough to learn.


Such a studious character also brought Zhang Suqi the opportunity to start a business for the second time. In a casual oil painting class, Zhang Suqi discovered her love for art. "I really like the unique feeling that the works give me." Zhang Suqi said. A person's painting style and color style will highlight his personality and life experience, just like Zhang Suqi's works are always full of vitality, giving people a warm and happy impression. She was immersed in the swaying of brushes and paints. In the world of art, Zhang Suqi discovered that freedom is so simple!


This period of artistic experience gave Zhang Suqi an idea: why can’t more people enjoy it? "Especially children." Zhang Suqi said. Children's intelligence is already established at the age of six. If children can be given art experience in early childhood, allowing children to develop their unique imagination and creativity, it will be of great benefit to the development of children's right brain. Therefore, Zhang Suqi started her second venture in life, "Beiden Art American English Classroom", and made a fortune in Xinyi through her original course "Art American English".


However, if you want children to experience art, why not open an art class for children, and design an "artistic American language class" that is rare in the market? Zhang Suqi, who pays attention to education, mentioned: "American English or bilingual teaching is bound to be the trend in the future. Our generation has no chance to learn American English in elementary school, but the environment for the next generation is different." Therefore, Zhang Suqi combined art with American English and hired professional foreign language teachers. Teachers teach, hoping that through the interaction between children and foreign teachers, even if most children cannot fully grasp the words of foreign teachers, they can gradually become familiar with them from listening and hearing, so as to achieve the effect of subtlety. "Isn't that how children in other countries learn?" Zhang Suqi said with a smile.


Up to now, Beden Art American English Classroom has developed a variety of American English talent classes, including chess, ukulele, children's ballet, and even western food etiquette, becoming a rare American English talent class in the market . Zhang Suqi hopes that through the learning skills of American English, children's language input and output can be strengthened, and American English can return to the essence of language. It is no longer just blunt textbook knowledge, but can be used in daily life.


Only when you know how to cherish blessings in life can you be happy.

"Knowing how to cherish blessings in life can lead to happiness." This is Zhang Suqi's life belief. Although Zhang Suqi is a strong woman who loves a simple and independent life, she still does not forget to remind herself at all times: taking proper rest after work and improving the quality of life are the keys to a happy life. Therefore, in addition to being committed to children/adult education, Zhang Suqi also founded the "Shengyue Club" to provide a good place for friends who work hard like herself to relax after get off work.


In the Shengyue Club, members can gather together, follow in the footsteps of well-known vocal music teachers, and express the joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys of life through music. "When singing, I often forget the boredom in life. It's really amazing." Zhang Suqi said with a smile. With the music from vocal cords, Zhang Suqi hopes that friends who come to Shengyue Club can immerse themselves in the world of vocal music, relax body and mind to a natural level, and express the pressure of daily life. In the end, you can continue to face the beautiful life of tomorrow with a heart full of vitality.

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