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Code Combat programming

The world's largest programming education platform

BD has cooperated with the world's largest programming education platform "Code Combat" to start a class! Code Combat "synchronizes with the world" is popular in 190 countries, and more than 10 million students learn it. It is taught by professional and qualified information teachers. Through "gamification design", children will actively fall in love with learning programming language! The course content is more in line with the "108 Curriculum" to cultivate children's technological literacy and programming ability!


game inspired learning motivation

CodeCombat byHarvard teamDesigned and built, more than 300 program game levels, using program language to operate hero character actions, can fully inspire children's interest in learning, from zero foundation to excellence! ​

The textbook is designed according to the CSTA certification standard of the American Computer Science Teachers Association. Strictly refer to educational psychology to set ability indicators: from memory, understanding, application, analysis, evaluation to creation, let children gradually achieve learning achievements.

Teaching materials are designed according to CSTA standards

International certificates in line with the world

Every time you complete a level course, you will get an international certificate and enrich your learning experience!

CodeCombat also provides competitive exchange opportunities for students from all over the world, and organizes the CodeQuest global competition every year. For the first time, CodeCombat will be included in the 2021 International Information Olympiad.

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From zero to top

In 2021, Taiwan will send contestants for the first time to participate in the "CodeQuest" competition known as the Youth World Cup, defeating more than 3,000 youth programming masters from all over the world, and winning the world championship and runner-up!

Benefits of Learning Code Combat

Obtain a solid coding ability:

Python code, every time a child passes a level, they will learn to write at least 200 to 500 lines of code.

Training problem-solving skills:

During the problem-solving process, the system prompts can help children identify and fix mistakes, improve confidence, and allow children to learn and grow from mistakes.

Stimulate logical thinking and creativity:

Passing the level is not the only way. During the challenge, children will be trained in logical thinking and creativity, and develop multiple thinking skills.

​Course information

Course object:Elementary school grades 3-6, with 15 students in class.

Class time: 2 hours per class, 12 classes in one session.


For detailed class time and place, please contact Line@official customer service

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