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​Tsing University STEAM Science Class

EA-Tsinghua STEAM School certified junior high school team "Railway Mission"

The course uses Lego Boost as a teaching medium to challenge and design a train that can cross a broken bridge. Through the inquiry-based teaching method: observation, planning, practice, and evaluation, children's engineering thinking can be cultivated. After the course is over, they can get an EA-Tsinghua STEAM learning certificate, enriching children's learning process and meeting the quality challenges of the new curriculum!

Four Curriculum Features of STEAM Science Class of Tsinghua University
Through DDMT teaching design, effectively build children's scientific literacy

Course Information

Class date: January 8
Sunday Morning 09:00-12:00
Sunday afternoon 13:30-16:30

class fee
2,000 yuan (including courses and certificates)

class locations
Beiden Art American English Classroom
B1, No. 35, Lane 168, Xingyun Street, Neihu District, Taipei City

Beiden International Co., Ltd. has established a private short-term cram school for arts, science and arts in Taipei City

authorized unit
Edu-Aequitas Pte Ltd
"EA-Tsinghua STEAM School"


Teacher presentation

Beiden's teaching team is coming! True scientific literacy requires professional teachers to guide children!

Mr. Xie Hanwei
Combining the 4C principles of Lego Education and the DDMT education framework of Tsinghua STEAM, guide and inspire students' love for technology, and cultivate Taiwan's future Musk.

Dingcheng robot teacher
Dash robot teaching plan research teacher
Lego Education Taiwan Authorized Cooperation Organization: Creative Robot Building Block Teacher Certification
Tsinghua STEAM Teacher Certification

There are many other cooperative units:
EA-Tsinghua STEAM, Dash Robot Zhile Digital Agent
Tainan Creative Robotics (Lego Education Taiwan Authorized Agency)
Zhaonan Elementary School, Haibao Elementary School, Daping Elementary School, ​Tanwen Elementary School
Tongle cram school, smart kindergarten, apple tree education

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