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What kind of art class is always filled with children's "laughter"?

Parents all said that when they saw their children for the first time, they were "so serious and active" in learning!

Bideen Art American English Class

Learn American English by playing art:Both physical and online!

Adopt the cloudDynamic + Static English Picture Bookfusionartistic creation, play with creativity and imagination, and lay the foundation of language skills from an early age!

All American English teaching by foreign teachers, combined withOnline dynamic picture bookandAmerican-language themed art creation,

"Learn by playing, play by learning"Training children's English listening and oral expression Show & Tell Showing confidence is so easy!


This course achieves the 108 syllabus and"Quality"as a guide, willknowledge into ability,Let the baby start with "listening",

Identify words by listening to the sound, read the pronunciation of the word, lay the foundation for listening and speaking, and "speak" to develop great English skills! .

Art American English class teaching materials

Beiden's American Language of the Artsphysical + onlineConversation class, using well-known online picture books in the United States, combined with reading literacy and interaction with foreign teachers, provides children with an interesting reading experience, and arouses children's motivation to actively listen, listen, read and learn. Falling in love with English is as simple as that! The three major features we offer are: ​






📌The course planning is divided into six levels, each level has 24 lessons, and the complete course has a total of 144 lessons. Bideen Art American English class frompreR seriesstart teaching, optional24/48 lesson plan! (For details, please click the customer service link at the bottom of the page)

📌 PreR class allows children to practice a lot of common words, helps children build self-confidence, and expresses in complete sentences, suitable for children over 6 months old.

📌 Reader 1 - Reader 5 is compared with the difficulty of the first to seventh grades in the United States, interacting with foreign teachers and learning knowledge from various readings.

Beiden special courses"Artistic American Language" combined with Scholastic's acclaimed online picture book, English learning activities with one movement and one stillness, not only train children's artistic brain, sense of space, hand muscle development and creativity, but also lay a foundation for children's basic reading ability, develop good reading habits, and link up with future learning!

Scholastic English picture book + online conversation interaction with foreign teachers

Guided by foreign teachers in the United States
Dynamic + static nine themes
cloud library
More than 1200 copies
American well-known children's book publishing
Regular online Lex tests
Learn about the monthly learning curve

【Artistic American Language】Course Process

■ 1. Theme guide(Sing English songs to drive rap/multimedia interactive screen)  
Introduction of the theme: (5mins)    

📌Use the picture book of the online picture book literacy reading class published by Scholastic, a well-known American publisher
📌American English teaching focus: training pronunciation, reciting words and phrases, reading texts, group games, sentence structure exercises, singing English songs

Vocabulary, phrase and game : (30mins)

English teaching focus : pronunciation, vocabulary items, 

reading, group games, simple sentence patterns, singing english songs

📌 weeklyThere will be different creative themes, and you can join the Line of Beden Headquarters to learn about the themes.

📌In the process of painting, foreign teachers will guide children through American English, understand children's creative thinking, guide creative ideas, and teach children to use art skills to create, and strengthen children's language input and output!

📌Through American-style discussions and conversations during creation, let children learn to express their ideas bravely through American English, express their great ability in English and inspire their artistic creativity!


presenting photos related to the lesson theme,  

During the art creation time, teacher has to individually 

approach children and lead them. In addition, to enhance 

children's listening and comprehension ability teacher needs to 

talk and discuss with children their diverse creation ideas. 

Art project: (60mins)


Review today's American English text and guide children to share their works in Chinese

Express your creative thoughts and feelings (parents can accompany you to participate and listen to your children's creative thinking)

Guide children to share their work in language, 

express their feelings, and review the text (25mins)


 3. Artistic creation (artistic creation guided by foreign teachers' full American English)

2. American English teaching(word cards/phrase exercises/games) 

■ 4. Class review and reflection

Lutheran Branch:Sunday 10:00-12:00

Children aged 3-6 years, with art plus American English courses, parents can take classes with their children and enjoy parent-child art American English time together.

Lutheran Branch:

Sunday 13:30-15:30

Saturday 10:00-12:00 / 13:30-15:30 / 16:00-18:00

Neihu Branch:

Monday 13:30-15:30 
Thursday 13:30-15:30 
Saturday 10:00-12:00 

Children aged 7-12 years old, art plus American English courses, advanced English courses, and learn painting skills in the interaction.

Class Matters & Leave Methods

Parent-child art class

Children's art class

15 lessons for four months and 30 lessons for eight months. Please notify us 3 days in advance for personal leave and 1 day in advance for sick leave. If you ask for a temporary leave on the day of the class, you cannot make up the class and get a refund. Please forgive me. For other precautions, please read the registration agreement.

Highlights of the American English course

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