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Aquinas International Academy

Founded by the principal Mr. Jim Gillen, AIA International Academy is an officially recognized [private distance school] in the United States. Mr. Jim Gillen is an educator who has worked as a teacher in several high schools in the United States and has extensive teaching experience. In addition, Mr. Jim Gillen obtained a master's degree in education from Cal State Fullerton, laying the foundation for his professional knowledge in founding educational institutions. AIA International Academy is Mr. Jim Gillen's dream: to provide opportunities for children around the world who yearn for an American education.


AIA International Academy is committed to developing innovative learning programs for students who want to obtain American education opportunities, including K-12 American elementary school six-year plan, American middle school three-year plan, American high school three-year plan, AP college preparatory course  >>Click me to see the course introduction

Among the above study programs, the most distinctive one is 【 American high school three-year plan 】. AIA International Academy provides solutions for students who wish to earn a US high school diploma. Simply enroll in the AIA International Academy and complete the required academic credits (Most of the credits can be credited with Taiwan high school credits), you can get a diploma from an American high school. The courses of AIA International Academy are all accredited by the University of California, and have also received regional accreditation from Cognia, a global authoritative accreditation agency. With an American high school diploma, students will be able to apply for 15 American universities that cooperate with AIA, and have a better chanceno needTake the TOEFL, IELTS and other language proficiency certificates! >>Click me to see which universities


Message from The Principal

Mr. Jim Gillen

Let children realize their dream of studying in California
AIA American K12 Distance Course

Bedford International Academy and AIA

Piloter Art International Academy officially signed a contract with AIA International School (Aquinas  International Academy) on August 1, 2010, and became the authorized consultant institution of AIA International School in Taiwan.

Different from Taiwan's education, the education in the United States is quite diverse, and there are many [online distance schools] that provide high-quality education for the public, but they are rarely introduced to Taiwan for students to understand. Even though parents in Taiwan are aware of the distance learning program offered by CNN, the dazzling English official website still deters them.

​ After the cooperation between PAIA and AIA International School, it will be able to provide parents and students in Taiwan with comprehensive and assured services, so that students will have the opportunity to obtain American education, and the future will be successful The dream of studying in the United States.

AIA International Academy is a legal [online distance school] in the United States

倍德恩國際學苑 與 AIA

our mission
​Teaching distance in Taiwan, advancing to the top 100 universities in the United States

The mission of AIA International School and PAIA is to allow as many students as possible to experience [American education is within reach—everywhere], and to give students a chance to change their lives!


In the past, students had to go to the United States to receive American education; now, students in any grade in Taiwan can receive American education!

Our goal is to help students obtain the [American High School Diploma] through the officially recognized American High School Diploma Program in the United States and prepare for university admission. Encourage you to strive for this opportunity for your children and change their lives!

Authoritative certification body for global education
Cognia (Advanced ED)

AIA International School is regionally accredited by AdvancED/Cognia. AdvancED/Cognia It is a nationally recognized accreditation agency that has carried out accreditation work for nearly 36,000 international schools in more than 80 countries around the world, helping schools achieve their educational goals, improving their comprehensive educational capabilities, and providing schools with high-quality improvement suggestions to better Meet the needs of students' future development.


Advanced ED/CogniaThe certification focuses on the three dimensions of school leadership, learning ability and resource status, and evaluates the school on more than 60 criteria including its mission, core values, curriculum, teaching staff, teaching operation management, technological innovation and sustainable development. Every 5 years, Cognia will re-audit the school to monitor the progress of all aspects of the school.

全球權威認證機構  Cognia(AdvancED)
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