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Beiden Children's Creative Illustration Class

Bideen Art Center launched the [Children's Creative Illustration Class] course,
Through basic tools such as watercolors, colored pencils, etc.,
Draw a series of desserts that make you feel comfortable physically and mentally, and move your index finger.
Activate the dopamine receptors in the child's brain, the more you draw, the better your mood!

The Mystery of Sweets

Activates dopamine receptors in your brain

Have you ever:

Eating sweets to lift your mood?

Do you know the secret?

Because sweets can activate

dopamine receptors in your brain

Make your mood more pleasant!

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Professional teachers

Guided by professional art teachers of Nanyi University

This course invites

Art background of Nanyi Universityteacher,

Leading you into the healing world of desserts,

Through the use of basic tools,

Reconcile your emotions and stress,

​ Improve the happiness of life!

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​ life happiness

​ hand muscles

​ Artistic beauty

​ Stress and emotions

course features

Experiments have confirmed that desserts can make people feel happy.

By drawing dessert series,

Relieve the stress of children's daily life,

and depression,

Simultaneously train concentration and observation skills,

​ Achieve relaxation and centering effect!

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​ By taking this course, you will gain...

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