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​Chinese Pinyin Class for Children

Hanyu Pinyin for Kids

Bideen Children's Chinese Pinyin Class is based on the concept of second language teaching, and adopts the teaching methods and schedules of European and American Chinese schools. The content includes conversational texts, vocabulary lists, sentence pattern exercises, nursery rhymes and games. The phonetic symbols are phonetic notation and Pinyin, together with simplified Chinese characters, can effectively enhance learners' Chinese language ability in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cross-cultural aspects in daily life!

Four Curriculum Features of "Bideen" Chinese Pinyin Class
Laying the foundation for children's listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese skills

Chinese literacy and communication all in one package
Word practice with text

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andChinese Language Proficiency Test for ChildrenCorrespondence

The following table presents the coverage ratio of the accumulated new words in the content of this course and the three levels of the Children's Chinese Proficiency Test (CCCC).After finishing the second book, the cumulative vocabulary and the vocabulary coverage rate of the budding level of the children's test are nearly 60%, and the cumulative vocabulary after finishing the fourth and sixth volumes respectively reach the cumulative vocabulary coverage rate of the growth level and the growth level of nearly 60%!

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The most credible textbook for Chinese education
​Many teachers use testimonials to give children high-quality Chinese education








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Online Chinese Course

​Children’s Chinese Pinyin Class also provides the option of online courses, so that children who cannot eat and teach in person can enjoy high-quality Chinese education with the same treatment as physical courses!

Online Chinese Course
Teacher presentation


​Registration discount

​Registration will give you a "12-inch electronic handwriting drawing board" to help children read and write. Learning Chinese can also be very interesting!

Number of classes:
48 classes in the first phase
Introductory Class 1-2 Volume 48 Lessons
Basic Class 3-4 Volume 48 Lessons
Intermediate Class 5-6 Books 48 Lessons
Advanced Class 6-8 Book 48 Lessons

class size:

Exquisite small class of 4-6 people; there are also individual tutoring classes available.

class time:

(Zhang Meiling) Saturday

Children's class: 09:00-10:30 
Adult class: 10:30-12:00 

(Zhang Suqi) Tuesday 
Children's class: 16:30-18:00 
Adult class: 18:30-20:00 

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