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How to rent Bideen venue

  1. The school's various venues refer to general classrooms and basements.

  2. There are no restrictions on the object of renting various venues of the school, but they must not interfere with normal teaching activities, or engage in inappropriate or illegal activities.

  3. If it is a long-term lease (three months, more than ten times), a lease contract should be signed with the lessee as a standard, and the content of the contract is determined by the school.

  4. In principle, the rental of venues does not include other teaching or general service equipment, but the borrower may make a request, and the school may lend it after evaluating the actual situation. However, this request should be made before the lease is used. After the venue has been used, all No longer accepted.

  5. The use of classrooms must not exceed the nature of each classroom, and there must be no excessive use of electricity, cooking, or dinner parties. If any of the above-mentioned inappropriate incidents occur, the school staff must stop them on the spot and cancel all leases; after the classroom is used, it should be restored to its original state and Clean and tidy, if there is any damage to the equipment, it should be compensated according to the original price.

  6. All rental venues should be collected from the school'rental form'Proceed with, sign and agree to the provisions of these rules, and use the venue after remittance of the rental fee.

  7. The rental fee should be paid when the event is heldthree daysPayment shall be made by bank remittance.

  8. ​ Payment method:designated bank remittance, the charges are as follows, please refer to the rental form.

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