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​Ariel Classic Fairy Tales Learning English

Motivate children to learn through stories!

Classic fairy tales to enter the field of English reading and grammar,

Game-based teaching allows children to use it flexibly, and it is easy to cultivate children's English listening and speaking!

Through the reading of classic English fairy tales, children's learning motivation is aroused,

improve children'sEnglish listening and speaking,andInspire children's story imagination🔥🔥


classic english fairy tales,
Inspire children's English imagination.

  1. 👉ThroughWorld Classic Fairy Tales and MagazinesreadAnd so on as a teaching material, with the video can be more vivid and in-depth.

  2. 👉With the grammar that appears in the chapters, through the design of activities and learning sheets, children can use them more clearly.

  3. 👉Every two weeksdo it yourself, with the chapters of the story, easily review the learning content and deepen the impression.

  4. 👉Result acceptance is no longer a rigid oral test, butLet the children into the story characters, to practice the dialogue in the story.

  5. 👉We only give childrenbest without being boring best without being boringThe curriculum enables children to be happy and achieve correct learning outcomes, and then smoothly extend to junior high school classes.

​Ariel's Classic Fairy Tale English Course Features


​Ai Lier Classic Fairy Tale English Teacher Introduction



Triple Bede Online Course Recording
Banqiao Jiaying, Xueyi Tutorial Class - English Teacher
Xiufeng High School, Peking University High School - Instructor of Yingjian

Neihu Zhang He Mathematics-English Teacher
Descartes Arts and Science Short-Term Tutoring Class (LiveABC System Teachers)

​Teachers of American storytelling for infants and children

​ Enrollment object:9-12 year old school children

​ Class time:

​One lesson per week (2hr), 12 lessons per session

Every Wednesday 1:30-3:30

​ For details, please contact Line@

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