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Promoted to Primary One Orthographic Class

Gamification teaching, diversified content, easy to connect to primary one course!

Rich and diverse course content, through game-based teaching and interesting stories, let children learn happily,
Including recognition of phonetic symbols, correct pronunciation of initials and finals, practice of stroke order, word making and sentence making, reading and reciting, etc.
Once you have established a good language foundation, transitioning to Primary One is easy!


​ By taking this course, you will gain...

​ phonetic symbols

correct pronunciation
​ initials and finals

​ correct stroke order

Create words and sentences

Literacy and reading
​ so simple

training rules

Lay the language foundation

It is no problem to link up to Primary One

The course content includes knowing 37 phonetic notes, initials, finals, and 22 combined rhymes that children are most likely to get stuck in. After laying the language foundation, it becomes easy to recognize characters, read, and recite texts!

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game-based teaching
​ Rich and diverse course content

The teaching method adopts a game-based teaching method, with interesting story books, and plans a variety of rich course content to stimulate children's multiple intelligences and arouse children's learning motivation. Who said that the correct pronunciation course is boring? Beden lets children learn correct pronunciation with a smile!

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Hanlin Publishing House
​Magic Prerequisite Series Teaching Materials

💡Seize the golden summer vacation time, the child is about to enter Primary One, so you must start warming up at the starting point!

💡Xiao Hanlin is the preferred brand for the connection between primary and secondary schools.

💡Small Hanlin【Teaching materials first ㄅㄆㄇ】Compared with primary school learning to avoid trouble.

📍"Listening, speaking, reading, and writing" are in place at one time, and the font and character level are compared with the national elementary school standard

📍The most correct phonetic strokes, such as: phonetic "ㄓ", "ㄖ" and elementary school simultaneous four-stroke writing

📍Adopting the phonetic teaching method of elementary school: professionally arranged and designed with the "comprehensive teaching method"

1.   Zhuyin spelling is easy to write: design phonetic symbols, stroke order and color separation prompts, four-tone pinyin, extending from words to short sentences.
2.   Designer-student shared reading dialog box: design open-ended questions and answers, situational essay exercises.
3.  Enrich vocabulary and build basic language expression skills: basic example words, example sentences, and short essays after class.
4.  Pronunciation of image meaning connection symbols: the text is matched with exquisite real photos, which is beneficial for guidance and recognition.
5.   Scan and listen to the text: QRcode links to the text to read and sing, super convenient for self-study.

🔸ㄅㄆㄇ writing pad
Good-looking writing with cross grid positioning: easy practice of tracing strokes, writing words, and writing short sentences

🔸ㄅㄆㄇ Evaluation book
Review through games: Effectively monitor children's learning progress

🔸ㄅㄆㄇ Read this
1. Parent-child reading together, reading learning
2. Make sentences with Chinese phonetic notation, laying the foundation for learning in an all-round way

🔸ㄅㄆㄇ CD set
The learning effect can be seen: after listening to the text, click on the e-book for interactive games and review

🔸ㄅㄆㄇ Teacher's Manual
Easy-to-use teaching guide: a simple and clear study guide, easy to guide children to learn

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PhotoB (1).jpg

Use the game charts of daily routines to let children understand the activities in the schedule in the form of images. The charts include three meals, sleep, various learning courses, etc. There is also a set of housework cards to help children choose the housework items to be operated, and cultivate a routine of life!

Cultivate a small life​must have a regular life schedule

While training correct pronunciation

Teacher presentation


Course Information
Enrollment target: students in the first class and entering primary one
Class location: Benneihu Campus, Lutheran Campus

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