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Individual tutoring classes for general subjects

General guidance|Private school admission|Quality-oriented|National English examination

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Besten individual tutoring classes for all subjects, including elementary school Chinese, mathematics, English, nature, and social subjects, with the concept of 108 curriculum quality orientation, while improving the main subjects, cultivate children's logic, thinking, inquiry, concept , and international vision and other literacy, the development of soft power starts from an early age, so that children no longer have to be afraid of literacy test questions!

​Course Features

​Foundation-laying strength|Expand horizons|Regular work and rest

  • combine108 Curriculum Literacy Education, Soft power training starts immediately.

  • top qualificationTeacher-taught, general education of the highest quality.

  • ​ English lessons are given byForeign teachers teach all over the United States, authentic American education.

  • High teacher-student ratio, Customize your child's learning journey.

  • Progressivespiral teaching, step by step and steady.

  • ​Attentionlearning autonomy, become a lifelong learner.

  • Teachers participate wholeheartedly and accompany children to learn and grow.


Junior class

For children who have just entered elementary school, the biggest problem is to adapt to the course content of the first level of difficulty! The lower grade class uses vivid and interesting teaching methods to guide children to familiarize themselves with the lower grade curriculum step by step, and cultivate children's regular work and rest. It is not difficult at all to connect the kindergarten to the lower grades!


middle grade class

Children enter the middle grades from the lower grades, and the learning content is another great leap forward! Newly added subjects include: nature, society, information, English, etc. How to make children meet the requirements of teachers in various subjects? The middle grade class emphasizes the spiral teaching method, and pays more attention to the allocation of study time and the ability of independent homework for children to cope with multiple subjects steadily!


senior class

The senior grade is an important stage that is about to complete primary school and connect to junior high school. At this time, students should be assisted to deepen their learning, and encourage self-exploration, improve children's self-confidence, and enhance their ability to judge right from wrong! Combined with literacy-oriented teaching, the senior class not only deepens the knowledge of basic subjects, but also encourages children to explore and express themselves, so as to prepare for the upcoming middle school life!


​Course Features

​Foundation-laying strength|Expand horizons|Regular work and rest

  • Know the environment and establish good living routines.  

  • Tutoring and revising Chinese/English/Mathematics/Science/Society and other general subjects.  

  • Mind map composition class, core literacy teaching.  

  • Integrate all versions of textbooks and reference materials.  

  • Collect past exam questions, current social events, and exam trends.  

  • Using self-edited textbooks, handouts and exam mock exam questions.


Welcome to 
​Biden General Practice Guidance Academy

Bideen general subject individual tutoring classes, combined with the goals of the three learning stages of the 12-year national education, andThe design of 108 syllabus literacy concepts, including childrenComplete learning journey planning from primary one to primary six!It is divided into three stages, corresponding to three classes:

Key Stage 1 (Junior Years):

The foundation period of students' learning ability should focus on the cultivation of living habits and morals, assist students in active learning in life and practice, and lay the foundation for the use of language and symbols.

KS2 (Middle Years):

Continue to enrich students' learning ability, develop basic life knowledge and social ability, develop multiple intelligences, cultivate multiple interests, and help students to appropriately deal with life problems through experience and practice.

Key Stage 3 (Senior Years):

To help students deepen their studies, encourage self-exploration, improve self-confidence, enhance the ability to judge right and wrong, cultivate community/tribal and national awareness, develop the concept of democracy and the rule of law, and demonstrate the spirit of mutual assistance and cooperation.

Based on the goals of the three learning stages, in the design of teaching content, combineThe literacy connotation of the three aspects and nine items of the 108 curriculum,Solidify children's knowledge and ability in Mandarin, English, mathematics, nature, society and other subjects, and cultivate children's literacy to survive in the future society!

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Besten's individual tutoring classes for general subjects help children transition smoothly from kindergarten to elementary school, and also help children become an outstanding elementary school elite in the year of graduation, recharge their batteries and prepare for the middle school stage!

*After six years of English study, you can also obtain the world-certified Cambridge English Examination Certificate, or the National English Examination Elementary, which will improve your English competitiveness and greatly add points to your resume!

textbook_工作區域 1.png

▌The main axis of writing is the pictures and content of "National Geographic Magazine". The real photos give students a variety of visual stimuli, leading students to understand the real world through learning English, and expand their multicultural horizons.

▌A complete set of seven volumes, each with eight units. There are six pages per unit for Starter series, and ten pages per unit for Volumes 1 to 6. There is a review every four units.

▌Student textbooks are attached with the Online Practice serial number and the website of the online resource network.

▌The Value/Mission page has added clear teaching guidelines, using the three steps of "Think, Pair, and Share" to guide students to think, discuss, and share issues, and deepen their literacy

▌The new Classroom Presentation Tool digitizes the pages of students' textbooks, homework, and Grammar Workbooks. One-click playback of audio and video, as well as real-time interactive games in the classroom.

English Textbook Introduction

​Our World Connect with the real world and bring the classroom into life!

*After six years of English subject study, you can also obtain the world-certified Cambridge British Examination Certificate, which will improve your English competitiveness and greatly add points to your resume!


The world-renowned English test that top educational institutions refer to
Cambridge English Test

Cambridge Children's English Certification (YLE) is an international certification test designed and developed by the "Cambridge University Language Assessment and Examination Institute" for elementary school children aged 6 to 12. Young Learners (YLE) test, from low to high, divided into three levels: Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers, A2 Flyers, the test questions are vivid and printed in color, and the oral test is specially designed for face-to-face direct communication between the examiner and the test taker This method allows students to complete the test in a natural and relaxed environment, and all test takers will be awarded a certificate of achievement.


​Beiden General Subject Guidance Academy, let your children take the exam at the same time
Cambridge English Test

Bedren also providesCambridge British Examination Sprint Class, let the professional and qualified British inspection teachers give children step-by-step review and preview planning,Contains a large number of test questions, practical test-taking skills, and important time control, so that children can easily cope with the Cambridge English Examination, and do not worry about getting good grades!

  • Class start time: please contact Line@official customer service

  • Class Location: Xinyi Campus


​Excellent teaching staff, giving children high-quality education
Teacher presentation

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Fan Shuhan Starby

Accounting and Information Technology, National Chung Cheng University

Good at 108 subject literacy teaching

​ self-made lecture notes and mock exam questions

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Iris Chen

Department of Law, National Taiwan University

Graduated from Beiyi Girls' High School

​ used to be a cram school and tutor

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