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Children's Ballet Classes

Cultivate western elegance, improve hunchback and build a good figure, starting from an early age.

Whether it is a boy or a girl, learning ballet can increase the child's concentration and cultivate a persistent heart. While honing the child's mind, it can cultivate the child's sensitivity to beauty.


All American
meditation yoga for kids

The word "mindfulness" is often followed by images such as "meditation, yoga, meditation". That's right, the first step of mindfulness is to stop, focus on breathing, observe the body's reaction at the moment, and awaken the sensitivity of the five sense organs.meditation yoga for kids, to help children improve concentration and perseverance, to perceive the world's movements and movements, and to concentrate on learning has become easier!


Lectures taught by professional foreign teachers at the University of Zurich
children's ballet

improve hunchback

good shape

increase focus

training perseverance


​Professional children's rhythm teacher teaching
All-American Meditation Yoga for Children


improve concentration


English Conversation

logical story thinking

Journey of self-discovery

"Meditation Practice" helps children concentrate, immerse in inner peace, explore the inner self, promote physical and mental relaxation and inner awakening through some meditation activities, and then learn to listen to expressions, stimulate memory, improve concentration, and guide potential development.

Diversified training content

Including children's yoga, English songs + English rhymes, interactive games and other diverse and interesting training content, stimulate the development of children's five senses, train children's acuity and concentration, help integrate the brain and improve the response speed of the nervous system.

Imagery and situational guidance

Since children's image thinking is more developed than abstract thinking, through rich and interesting situational and image guidance, such as mindfulness meditation in the form of butterflies and other animals, it will be easier for children to enter the flow of self-exploration.

let children learn to relax

Through meditation, relieve children's mental stress, enable them to focus rationally, and expand self-awareness. Many psychologists and youth counselors recommend this method, which allows children to develop the habit of resting themselves, sitting down, closing their eyes and relaxing. In the process, they can not only focus on the inner world, feel the inner self, but also get the opportunity to recharge.


Children's Ballet: Vicky

Graduated from the Dance Department of Zurich University of the Arts

Choreographer at Taipei American School

Nominated for the 18th Taishin Arts Award

​ appeared in many stage plays

Course Information

🎉Discount delivery trial price $500

🔎Teaching object: 4-7 years old and 8-12 years old children

🔎Class time (children's ballet, children's meditation and yoga)

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🔎Class location

Children's Ballet: Rhythm Classroom in Dahu Park Sports Center
(No. 31, Section 5, Chenggong Road, Neihu District, Taipei City)

meditation yoga for kids: Chenyu Dance Classroom
(1st Floor, 9th Floor, No. 209, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Daan District, Taipei City)

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