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Bedren Mathematics Gifted and Talented Class

main [online x offline】Double-line learning, use before classProfessor Ye Bingcheng, National Taiwan Universityresearch and developmentPaGamOreview,

On-line recruiting famous teachersChen Li Mathematicsdigital learning materials,Offline by professional teachersdiagnostic learning,Compensation Enhancementand carry outtarget teaching!

Mathematics gifted classes not only improve children'sJudgment, analysis,as well asproblem solving,

Let the test scores rise steadily, and eliminate children's fear of mathematics!


online x offlineprecision education,

Make learning more efficient.

Facing mathematics, are your children falling into the three thousand troubles brought by numbers?
Beiden [Mathematics Gifted Class] through  Online x offline Two-line education and  big policyLeading children to learn accurately:

1 class beforeGamification review:Professor Ye Bingcheng, National Taiwan Universityresearch and developmentPaGamO game-style digital teaching materials,Reviewing before class is no longer just a boring sense of homework, let children learn mathematics with a smile!

2 onlineComplementary Enhancements:Supplementary teacher Chen Li's digital teaching materialsCustomized Line exercises, according to the child's weakness to supplement and strengthen!

3 offlineLearn to diagnose:Teachers assist in diagnosis and learning, and conduct teaching explanations to provide children withAccurate learning direction!

4 double linesTarget teaching:bystudent-centered, through [online x offline] dual-line teaching, strengthen children's strengths and reinforce children's weaknesses, math exams are no longer a problem!

Curriculum Features



​Gift Class

Bedren Mathematics G/T Curriculum Syllabus


PaGamO, developed by Professor Ye Bingcheng, is used in BD’s mathematics gifted class as a digital teaching material for pre-class review and preview. PaGamO is the world’s number one online game learning platform, providing a variety of high-quality question banks, etc. More than 1.5 million students learn and compete together. The game conquers territory by answering questions, combining knowledge and strategy, pre-class review and preview are no longer just boring homework!


螢幕擷取畫面 2022-07-31 134153_edited.png

Create a fantasy island with creativity

PaGamO has colorful and diverse islands, and now there are more than 130 different terrains, as well as a variety of season-limited terrains, so that students can always keep fresh and build their own beautiful kingdom of knowledge!

Multiplayer cooperation to challenge the devil

The world's first learning to fight against the devil, everyone needs to cooperate to defeat the devil. The correct answer will be converted into attack power, which will cause damage to the devil, and the wrong answer will be attacked. The Demon King challenged the students with their past wrong questions and encouraged them to strengthen their weaknesses in order to pass the level successfully!

Fully grasp the status of students

The complete statistical analysis in the background allows teachers to see the weaknesses of students at a glance, assign different homework according to the level, and easily carry out remedial teaching. There is also a ranking function for wrong questions, which can immediately find out unfamiliar concepts in the class, and review for students efficiently!

The above information is taken from PaGamO official website

​ teaching material introduction

useSupplementary teacher Chen Li MathematicsPhysical textbook, this textbook has the following characteristics:

  • The best textbook for parent-child learning, the rich and lovely illustrations allow parents to accompany their children to study at home!

  • 5G efficient autonomous learning, The teaching content is matched with guiding pictures and texts, independent review is not a problem!

  • Integrate across versions, Reading mathematics no longer has to worry about the textbook version, all the content is covered in one book!

  • PickspiralWriting, so that mathematics learning does not break, complete connection and review!

  • PickimmersiveDesign, with rich text and stories, let children immerse themselves in the world of mathematics and cannot extricate themselves!

  • grounded teachingThe method takes students as the main body and customizes the learning process from bottom to top!

  • mosaic teachingIn this method, teachers give natural but deliberate intervention, take the initiative to see the children's motivation and give a response!


Teacher presentation

螢幕擷取畫面 2022-07-10 155653.jpg

Teacher Chen Yinglu


Department of Law, National Taiwan University

Graduated from Beiyi Girls' High School

​ has rich tutoring experience

​ Enrollment object:elementary school

class time:Wednesday
16:30-18:00, 19:00-20:30

class locations: Bedford Lutheran/Neihu Campus

Mathematics Gifted and Talented
Course Information

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