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​Mind map creative notes class

​ There are both Chinese and American English courses, learning logical thinking and training American conversation at the same time!

Bideen mind map note-taking key class, through six basic skills such as mind map, time axis method, map comparison method, table method, organizational chart method, and fishbone diagram method, trains children to think systematically, logically and creatively. And further apply it to note organization and life planning, not only to improve children's academic performance, but also to cultivate children's habit of self-disciplined life!

​ By taking this course, you will gain...

kung fu

system logic

creative innovation

reading and writing

academic performance

Self-discipline planning

Efforts to simplify

​ can be used in note taking, thinking and problem solving

Through the six basic skills, organize the knowledge in the textbook in a systematic and planned way, simplify it, train children to think systematically and logically, and effectively absorb knowledge starting from changing the way of taking notes!

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Creative and innovative thinking

Brain flexibility depends on mind map innovative thinking

The six basic exercises can not only help children learn effectively, but also integrate children's ideas, stimulate creativity and innovative thinking, and train children to have a creative mind full of ideas!

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improvement in academic achievement
Living with Self-Disciplined Planning

The complete absorption of the six basic exercises can not only be applied to absorb the knowledge from textbooks, improve children's academic performance, but also improve children's lives, cultivate children's ability to plan and manage, and cultivate children's self-disciplined living habits!

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Mind map note example

First of all, it trains imagination, and then achieves the understanding of words through associative ability, plus various memory techniques to store knowledge in the long-term memory area, mainly developing the ability of the right brain and connecting the left and right brain.

Only when you have the basic ability can you train the ability to grasp the key points when reading, and through the mind map, cooperate with mandala, nine-square grid, horizontal and vertical thinking, etc., to classify, classify, integrate and store knowledge in the long-term memory area, which is convenient for future complete Retrieve (recall).

Step by step training, steady memory skills

In the course, we will activate the imagination ability of the right brain, build a connection between the left and right brains, achieve synchronous learning, and further process information through the left and right brains together, and apply the skills in practical content. After a full course of training, supplemented by proficiency in each step, repeated practice can be transformed into a brain learning habit, and it will become the ability to take it with you!

Use both left and right brains to connect and play the role of mind map

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Chen Yinglu

Graduated from Beiyi Girls' High School

​Department of Law, National Taiwan University



Department of Slavic Philology, National Chengchi University

elementary school teacher



Institute of Industrial Design, Higher Normal University

Non-profit organization tutor

Liberal arts cram school tutor

Course Information
Enrollment target: elementary school grades 1 to 6
Class time: Class starts on 2022/02/12
every Saturday
Junior class 10:00-11:30
Middle grade class 13:00-14:30
Senior class 15:00-17:00
Class location: Tianxia Study Abroad Center (9th Floor, No. 74, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City)

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