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Bilingual tutors help your children realize their dream of studying in the United States
AIA Bilingual Tutor Class

The courses provided by AIA International School are all [full English] courses. Students in Taiwan generally lack the experience of learning full English, and are prone to learning incompatibility, which affects learning effectiveness. To this end, Bideen PAIA provides bilingual tutoring classes for elementary school/junior high school/high school, taught by professional bilingual teachers, one-to-two to one-to-ten small classes, to strengthen students' English ability and familiarize themselves with English proper nouns of various subjects, And provide homework/examination counseling services for unknown academic problems. participatebilingual tutorClasses will enable students to connect to the full English course more smoothly, and there is no need to worry about completing the credits!

AIA American Online School Course Features


class way

*This course isEntity teaching.

one pair tenHigh teacher-student ratio, bilingual tutors accompany children to watch AIA's online courses, and provide after-class review and exam guidance.


The tutor will arrange the learning progress every week, and unify the study pace of the five children, so that the children can successfully complete the course within the time limit.


If the child has any problems in learning, the tutor will stop at an appropriate time to provide individual counseling or group teaching, so that each child can successfully obtain credits.

online learning

​ Bilingual tutoring class location

BD New Taipei Classroom

11th Floor, No. 78, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Taipei City​

Bedford Lutheran

No. 35, Lane 118, Wuxing Street, Xinyi District

Bedford Lakes

B1, No. 35, Lane 168, Xingyun Street, Neihu District


class time

​AIA American Elementary School Six Year Plan

​ Bilingual guidance class time:Every Saturday and Sunday 9:00-12:00

AIA American Secondary School Three-Year Plan

Bilingual guidance class time:Every Saturday and Sunday 9:00-16:10

​AIA American High School Three Year Plan

Bilingual guidance class time:every saturday9:00-16:10


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​Professional bilingual tutoring qualifications

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