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​Professional complete curriculum structure, full English spiral teaching,
Customized exclusive courses for children of each age group.

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​ Early Childhood Enlightenment Course

​ Multiple five-sense exploration courses to stimulate children's imagination of the world

​Admission object|Kids in small classes, middle classes, and big classes.

​ Teaching Features|Full English environment, game-based teaching, multimedia teaching aids,Dear

Children study together.

course features|This stage focuses on children's English enlightenment, with English listening and

Oral training is the focus. Teach through playmulti-teaching

​     to stimulate the childChildren's five senses, stimulate childrenlearning

machine, let the child inhappy atmosphereChina loves Englisharts!

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​ Intermediate Course for Children

​Spiral curriculum structure, systematic organization of understanding of the world

Target of enrollment|Children in the first grade to the sixth grade of elementary school.

Teaching Features|Full English environment, systematic teaching, multimedia teaching aids, screw

RotaryTextbooks, primary one/junior high school transition, parental counseling.

course features|This stage focuses on children's correct understanding of English, including text

Professional study of French, vocabulary, conversation, and talent skills

habit. Under the guidance of professional teachers, while exploring skills

Timely training authentic American conversation, systematically establish

Comprehension, talent and American English education at the same time!

13over the age of

​advanced course for teenagers

​Focus on the strength of further studies, steady and steady exams without worry

​Admission object|Adolescents from the first grade of middle school to the third grade of high school.

​ Teaching Features|Systematic teaching, multimedia teaching aids, screwRotaryteaching materials, special

Career counseling.

course features|At this stage, the child's ability to enter a higher school is emphasized.

Under the guidance of teachers, through rigorous learning planning and customized

personalized counseling, step by step to improve the child's actual

No need to worry about going to school!

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