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Second foreign language tutoring class

Beden's second foreign language tutoring classes include Spanish, German, French and other popular second foreign language tutoring courses. According to the different needs of students, it includes self-help travel, certification examination, business trip, business and trade. Everything, use language to cultivate unbeatable competitiveness!


Now launching

​Spanish tutoring class

Spanish users are mainly concentrated in Latin American countries, and the number of users ranks third in the world, ahead of English and Chinese, and is the third largest language in the world. It is not only one of the six official languages of the United Nations, but also the official language of the African Union, European Union and Mercosur.

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​Spanish tutor

Estela Tu Hongling

Graduated from the Spanish Literature Department of Fu Jen Catholic University; FLPT B2

​ teaching experience

Lishan Junior High School Spanish Club Teacher

Xinzhuang High School Multiple Elective Western Language Teacher

Spanish teacher at Fu Jen Catholic University Promotion Department

Multi-selective Western language teacher at Bailing High School

Zhonglun High School Multiple Elective Western Language Teacher


Teaching Features

  • Let students learn from zero to basics efficiently: teach in middle and high schools, and let students easily learn authentic language and communicate in a short period of time.

  • Rich experience in studying abroad and Native Speaker: Can teach students Spanish, Mexican, French accents and colloquialisms.

  • Interactive teaching: Through different themes and different activities, learning Spanish becomes lively and interesting.

  • Cultivate a world view: Due to the experience of studying abroad and long-term communication with native speakers, students can learn more about different Spanish and French cultures, and then develop a world view.


Now launching

French tutoring class

French (French: français) is the official language used in most countries besides English and one of the working languages of the United Nations. language, its influence is second only to English.


​Teaching method

  • Life theme unit formula: combined with daily life expressions.

  • Two-way interactive teaching: arouse interest through activities.

  • Multi-teaching: In addition to textbooks, it provides a variety of methods for learning Western languages.

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