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Distance learning in Taiwan, fulfilling the dream of studying in the United States
AIA American Elementary School Six-Year Plan

AIA International School provides a six-year elementary school program from Kindergarten to Grade 5 for students in TaiwanYou only need to register as a student of AIA International School through Bideen PAIA,You can use the Acellus platform to conduct online learning and examinations, and start the road to American primary schools.

AIA American Primary School offers two study programs: 1. A complete six-year study plan; 2. Purchase a single course. Whichever option your child chooses, Beden PAIA will provide guidance counselor services to assist your child in planningThe learning process to successfully complete the study and test; we have also set up a bilingual tutoring class. If your child is difficult to adapt to the [All-American] course, a professional bilingual teacher will assist your child to complete the homework.

AIA American Online School Course Features


​ How to conduct online education

After students in Taiwan register as students of AIA International School through Bideen PAIA, Bideen PAIA will assign learning consultants to students to discuss class time and select courses with students.

All learning activities are operated on the Acellus platform. Students will have their own platform account. Absence, test scores, learning progress and other information will be recorded in the account, which is convenient for parents and learning consultants to view.


​Students only need to log in to the system according to the fixed course schedule after completing course selectionasynchronous learning, and complete the assigned post-class quiz. ​

online learning

​ Matching location of bilingual tutoring class

BD New Taipei Classroom

11th Floor, No. 78, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Taipei City

Bedford Lakes

B1, No. 35, Lane 168, Xingyun Street, Neihu District


study plan

1. A complete six-year study plan:

Bideen learning consultants will tailor a study plan for your child to prepare for the six-year American elementary school curriculum.

2. Purchase a single course:

Through the course list, you can choose the course you want to buy, and make payment to Beden for purchase. Even if you purchase a single course, you can also enjoy the service of Bideen's learning consultant, who will tailor a learning plan for your child.

Study Advisor Guidance Counselor

Just like class tutors in traditional offline schools, we also provide one-on-one guidance consultants to become the best partner for children to study, tailor-made study plans for children, make perfect preparations for all learning affairs, and successfully complete courses and earn credits. The counseling content of the guidance counselor includes:  

Six-year primary school enrollment plan

​ supervised learning progress and performance

Exam preparation and registration schedule

Suggestions on course selection and course arrangement

Academic performance and school grades

Winter and summer intensive program and pre-secondary education

AIA American Online School Course Content


online learning experience

This trial video is only for reference to the class format and course content, not the actual operation screen of the Acellus learning platform.

Colorful Sprinkles Chores List.jpg

The application process for the six-year plan of elementary school in the United States

sign up firstAIA American elementary school six-year plan briefing

Contact Bideen PAIA

1. Fill in the registration information

2. Select the desired service

3. Letter of Approval for Enrollment and Tuition Fee Notice

4. Enrollment upon completion of payment

PAIA Guidance Counselor

​ will be co-planned with students

​1. Freshman Registration and Entrance English Test

2. Course selection

3. Class time

4. Weekly/Monthly progress

PAIA Guidance Counselor

​ will provide parents with

​1. Absent record

2. Test performance after class

3. Learning Outcome Reports and Suggestions

Complete the required number of credits

Acquire Bideen PAIA

Issued by ​proof of course attendance

​ Make an appointment for one-on-one consultation

Book a one-on-one course consultation

We will contact you within 1-2 working days!

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