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Beiden joins partner schools

In the current industrial competitive environment, a single-handed business operation model cannot grow rapidly, and it needs to rely on the strength of the team to make effective use of resources.

Bideen International Co., Ltd. has several successful cooperation experience (Click here to learnor refer tofront page>Cooperative school), we uphold a positive and open attitude, "Peers in the same industry can be teachers, and others in the same industry can be friends."


Suitable for:Those who are willing to engage in children's education are operating cram schools, tutors or art teachers. ​ You can apply for a registered cram school if the classroom is above 40 pings and below the fourth floor.Welcome colleagues from the same industry or different industries who agree with the company's business philosophy to contact us!

​Biden's competitive advantage

​ Exclusive course Artistic English

Multidisciplinary courses across fields

​Professional foreign teachers teach in American English

Taiwan's original artistic American English course uses well-known American English picture books as teaching materials, and stimulates children's interest in American English learning through artistic creation. Dynamic + static stimulation allows children to develop their great ability in American English!

Beden is committed to developing children's multiple intelligences. Through cross-disciplinary all-American courses, such as chess, football, western food etiquette, art, dance, music, etc., language learning is integrated into skill training to stimulate children's multiple intelligences!

BD’s courses are all taught in American by professional foreign teachers with TESOL English teaching license and technical background, giving children the most professional and authentic American education!

Franchising with Beden can enjoy four advantages:

  1. Brand advantage: Advocate a highly creative and stress-relieving leisure art life, promote foreign simple and instant oil painting systems, so that you have the advantage of first experiencing international art and culture, and at the same time operate the Taiwan Beiden oil painting house brand, with the local brand resources and an excellent team of professional teachers.

  2. Training advantages: provide comprehensive training courses, according to the technical functions required by the positions at each stage, the headquarters will regularly assist the franchisee to complete the professional training of personnel. For all the art teacher training, recruiting students, marketing, finance and customer service required for store operation, Baiden has an overall professional training course, through various teaching or counseling methods to improve the KNOW-HOW required for the franchisee's operation.

  3. Marketing advantages: Integrate the marketing resources of each district, unify the planning and design of relevant recruitment advertisements, maximize the effectiveness of advertisements, unify the recruitment operation and assist in the recruitment of professional teachers​.

  4. Advantages of logistics resources: Regular review meetings are held to exchange operating and teaching experience in each district, and logistics support such as personnel, finance, and official website maintenance and management is provided.

1. Preparatory period

A. Business District Evaluation:
Population flow trends, market environment conditions, industry competition survey guidance, school district population, school district confirmation
B. Hardware planning:
Space planning and design, CIS enterprise identification mark planning, decoration engineering guidance, situational layout
C. Software tutoring:
Description of the teaching system, design of class guidance, teacher preparation guidance, educational administration guidance
D. Assist in counseling and filing a case

2. Opening period

During the enrollment period, the General Management Office will plan a strong enrollment plan to assist the branch schools to do a good job in enrollment. The content includes campaign planning on the opening day, admissions literature, advertisements, gifts, and demonstration teaching plans.

A. Marketing strategy planning execution:
Draw up enrollment plans, publicity and advertising suggestions, enrollment gifts planning, school district population, publicity planning
B. Execution of opening activities:
Propaganda benefit evaluation, opening event planning, publicity distribution arrangements, demonstration teaching guidance, school guidance for opening activities

C. Personnel Organization Establishment:
Counter staff, educational affairs, teacher recruitment and application, establishment of personnel organization and management system, implementation of pre-employment education and training, and provision of a full set of management manuals

D. Financial system establishment:
Financial and tax management system establishment, ordering and inventory management planning

3. Operating period

A. Joint Promotions:
National TV media advertisements, planning and implementation of national enrollment activities, guidance of regional enrollment activities, and implementation of various teaching activities and competitions
B. Business meeting:
Class teacher seminars are held three times a year, class teacher social activities are held once,

Complete quarterly enrollment period planning, enrollment activities and gifts, follow-up education related laws and regulations information tracking
C. Educational training and seminars

​ After joining, BD will provide various assistance:

Fill in the cooperation and joining information

Please fill in the cooperation information in detail and let us understand your needs. After the information is sent, we will reply you within 3-5 working days. We look forward to creating a win-win value for the industry together!

Thanks for submitting!
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