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​AP Advanced Placement

Distance learning in Taiwan, taking American university courses ahead of time

AP is the abbreviation of Advanced Placement, which can be translated as [Advanced Placement] in Chinese. Like the SAT, it is a set of curriculum standards designed by the SAT testing agency College Board in collaboration with excellent high school and university teachers in the United States. AP courses are equivalent to first-year college courses.


Those who pass the AP exam,Deductible college credits, which will help you to get twice the result with half the effort and be more familiar with the course content than other students in your university study in the future.also,For Taiwanese students who intend to study abroad after graduating from high school, there are also great points for preparing application materials and connecting with overseas universities.AP is also one of the important indicators for applying to American universities.

At present, AIA American Distance School provides multiple AP courses such as history and social science, mathematics and information science, world language and culture for high school students for one year, and college freshman level, so that children can connect to overseas universities without worry.

Why take AP Course?

AIA American Distance School provides AP pre-university courses. Students in Taiwan only need to register as students of AIA International School through Bideen PAIA.You can use the Acellus platform to conduct online learning and examinations, and start your journey of studying university preparatory courses.

In addition, Bideen PAIA will provide the services of a learning consultant to assist your child in planningLearning history to successfully complete the study and quiz; We have also set up a bilingual tutoring class. If your child is difficult to adapt to the [All-American] course, professional bilingual teachers willTo help children complete their homework.

Distance learning in Taiwan, taking AP courses in the United States

AP Course Features


How Online Learning Works

After students in Taiwan register as students of AIA International School through Bideen PAIA, Bideen PAIA will assign learning consultants to students to discuss class time and select courses with students.

All learning activities are operated on the Acellus platform. Students will have their own platform account. Absence, test scores, learning progress and other information will be recorded in the account, which is convenient for parents and learning consultants to view.


​Students only need to log in to the system according to the fixed course schedule after completing course selectionasynchronous learning, and complete the assigned post-class quiz. ​

​Online Learning


study plan

To purchase a single course:

Through the course list, you can choose the course you want to buy, and make payment to Beden for purchase.


Even if you purchase a single course,You can also enjoy the services of Bideen learning consultants, The consultant will tailor a learning plan for the child.

Study Advisor Study Advisor

Just like class tutors in traditional offline schools, we also provide one-on-one learning consultants to become the best learning partner for children, tailor-made learning plans for children, make perfect preparations for all learning affairs, and successfully complete courses and earn credits. The counseling content of the learning consultant includes: 

AP Course Study Planning  Course Selection Suggestions and Course Arrangements

​ Supervise learning progress and performance Academic performance and school grades

Examination preparation and application time Chenghan summer intensive plan

AP Course Entry Requirements

This enrollment threshold is for reference only and is not mandatory. It is for parents to understand the difficulty of taking AP courses.

Since the AP course is an Advanced Placement Course, the content is quite difficult, and there are also many difficult academic English vocabulary. Students must have a certain level of English to be able to study and test smoothly. Therefore, we recommend that students have  European language framework B2 or aboveability(Refer to the table below, that is, the English examination intermediate and advanced, TOEIC 785, TOEFL iBT 87 points, IELTS 5.5 points, etc.Eithertest scores are sufficient).

螢幕擷取畫面 2021-08-22 204016.jpg

​Online course experience

course list


AP Course Registration Process

Contact Bideen PAIA

​1. Fill in the registration information

2. Select the courses and services you want to purchase

3. Pay the fee

PAIA Study Advisor

​ will be co-planned with students

​1. Course selection

2. Class time

3. Weekly/Monthly progress

PAIA Study Advisor

​ will provide parents with

​1. Absent record

2. Test performance after class

3. Learning Outcome Reports and Suggestions

Complete the required number of credits

Awarded by AIA

​AP course attendance certificate

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