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Focus Teacher Training Course
Cooperate with the largest concentration training authority in Taiwan

Toddler always sings against me? Why can't you stay still in class?
Study easily distracted? How should I concentrate?
Is my toddler not paying attention when talking to him?
Scream often? Often fall? Insensitivity to pain?

Become a concentration trainer and understand why children lose focus,
Starting from life, how to give correct concentration training, how to give sensory integration interaction when children are restless, provide children with positive thinking, motivate children, etc.!

elevate children
​ Concentration

strengthen children
​ Observation and association

timely awareness
Children​physical and mental development

adjust children
​sensory coordination system

get family
coordination and communication skills

activate children
​left and right brain

Children's Concentration Training Learning Benefits

Understand the psychological needs of children and provide help and support when needed;
Understand why children lose focus and give correct concentration training;
When the child is restless, give sensory integration interaction, provide children with positive thinking, motivate children, etc.

By becoming a concentration trainer and making early adjustments to guide children into a normal track, many conflicts between study and life can be avoided.

Before the age of 10 is the golden period of adjustment and training for children's development. Through the complete training of concentration training, it will help children develop a stable foundation of concentration and cultivate the key characteristics of future success.


child educator

Learning how to judge children's abilities from a professional perspective can effectively improve children's ability to concentrate on learning, improve teaching effectiveness, and enable parents to entrust their children to teachers with confidence. For children who are restless and unable to study quietly, you may not have thought that there is a better way besides punishment, so that students learn happily and teachers interact easily, forming a win-win situation.

To become a concentration trainer, teachers can actively help children, master children's psychology, watch children progress and grow day by day, and provide parents with professional advice and a bridge for parent-child interaction.



Concentration and multi-potential classrooms can be established to help parents improve children's concentration, expand their benefits, build word of mouth, increase the school's teaching characteristics, highlight market segments, effectively improve enrollment competitiveness and parents' trust, and reduce student turnover.

Through the establishment of multiple potential classrooms, students can improve their concentration, develop multiple intelligences, and help students to advance to higher education in the future. School teachers can strengthen their teaching confidence and establish a professional image.


school organization

  • An association certificate of competency will be issued.

  • test passer,andup to 20 hoursTeacher class hoursEnjoy three free seminars within one year for 1 hour each

  • All students who sign up for the teacher class,Teacher class training qualifications: family caregivers, social figures, kindergarten, primary school teachers, parent-care talent class teachers, new entrepreneurs, etc.

  • Course Location: Xinyi Campus (No. 32, Lane 118, Wuxing Street, Xinyi District, Taipei City)

  • Class time:11/06-07, 13-14After school age 10/9-10、16-17   |   Before school 

  • Class time 09:30-16:30

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Professional teachers

  • Served as a potential development trainer for He Jiaren Meiyu, Giraffe Meiyu and other early childhood institutions.
  • Concentration Trainer, School of Medicine, Fudan University, Shanghai
  • ​ has been teaching since 2001 and has taught more than a thousand students so far.
  • ​ Chairman of the Chinese Concentration Potential Association

Lai Yunru teacher

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