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All-American Children's Oral Expression Course

Bideen All-American Oral Expression Class,
Divide life situations into five major themes, namely:
Feelings, relationships, food, transportation, travel.
It is supplemented by oral games to guide children to speak English,
Let children grow from zero foundation to confidently speak basic English!

Thematic English

​ feelings, relationships, food, transportation, travel

Divide life situations into five major themes:

Feelings, relationships, food, transportation, travel.

The teaching materials are designed to be close to the children's living environment,

help children connect with the world of life,

Relying on the theme situation to build a structured memory,

Acquire single words and comprehensive speaking skills at one time!

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speaking games

​ feelings, relationships, food, transportation, travel

Use the game-based teaching method to guide children to speak.

The game is divided into three levels according to difficulty,

A level comes with 5-10 games

Including word card matching, situational combat, witty answers, etc.

Stimulate children's motivation to learn,

Step by step to train children's oral ability,

​ Let your baby speak English happily in the game!

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Course Learning Objectives

​Professional foreign teacher

patience. kind. warmth. accompany

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Professional teachers

patience. kind. Lively. warmth

The key to learning oral expression well

It's about who you're talking to!

Foreign teachers with rich English teaching experience,

Pronounced in standard American English,

Patiently accompany children to grow step by step,

Eliminate the gap between children and English with a lively personality,

​ The children who have been here all like our foreign teachers very much!

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dare to speak
speak English

​Simple and smooth
speak English

​ logical
speak English

application life
speak English

CktPicShow (2).jpg

Three-stage conversation training special book to train young English speakers!

▌A two-in-one teaching material for listening and speaking. The course design first trains listening and basic dialogue, and then advanced training in reading pictures, telling stories and performing skills on stage.

▌Multi-ROM attached at the end of this series of books can select Role-Play and record the role in the conversation practice (the CD also contains course audio files and interactive exercises).

▌Rich teaching resources, including: teacher's handbook, curriculum planning and answers, etc., for the reference of school group booking customers at all levels.

The whole set consists of three volumes, each volume has 12 units, each unit has four pages, and each 3 units has a review. The teaching topics are consistent with the general children's main teaching materials, including: greetings, titles, numbers, colors, animals and places, etc.

The beginner's conversation training book, with beautiful song rhymes, vivid illustrations, integrated with innovative Show and Tell concepts and hand-made activities, solidly trains beginners' conversation skills!

All-American Children's Oral Expression|Textbook Introduction

All-American children's oral expression
Course Information

Target age: 4-12 years old
English Requirements: Those with basic English listening skills are preferred
Starting location:
​Daan Branch, Xinyi Branch, Neihu Branch

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