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Bideen Spiritual Art Entanglement Painting Class

Modern people pursue materialistic enjoyment,
Overwhelmed with information, overthinking, and out of touch with inner wisdom,
And the spiritual art of wrapping paintings is the antidote to the loss of modern life.
Allows you to create through mandala wrapping paintings,
Enter the state of relaxation and concentration, and enjoy the state of "Zen".

​The mystery of the winding painting

Enter the meditation-like state of "Zen"

Training mindfulness, releasing emotions, relieving stress, developinginner strength of self,

and increase self-awareness.

Suitable for children over 10 years old and adults,

It is a fashionable and popular art activity.

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Professional teachers

National Taiwan University of Arts/Normal University Art & Spiritual Growth Teacher

This course invites

National Taiwan University of Arts and National Taiwan Normal University art professional background,

Teachers with a professional certificate in spiritual growth,

Leading you into the inner energy world,

Through the art of winding painting,

Explore the relationship between emotions, self and the outside world.

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​ Positive thinking

​ hand muscles

​ Artistic beauty

​ Stress and emotions

course features

To guide and build the power of positive thinking,

By circling the painting to soothe thinking,

And focus on self-examination,

Build inner strength and self-healing.

5 minutes of quiet meditation before painting,

Using the mandala of the affirmative,

Do the meditation of light, and then enter the circle painting.

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​ By taking this course, you will gain...


​teacher introduction

Department of Calligraphy, Painting and Ink Painting, National Taiwan University of Arts
Artistic Director of Beden International Co., Ltd.
China National Psychological Counselor Level 2

American NGH International Hypnotist Certificate

Family Alignment Energy Healer

Twin Soul Reader

DIG Skin Fingerprint Inspection Analyst


Course Information

Target age: over 10 years old
Start time:
Thursday 19:00-20:30

​ Four people form a class, the number of places is limited!
​ Experience discount price 500$/class

Register now and get a free class
​ and experience fee!

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