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Watercolor class

- ​Suitable for students above the sixth grade of elementary school-

[Skills Training and Moisture Flow]
Watercolor is an extremely technical type of painting
In addition to constructing a solid basic concept of painting
A technical creative medium that requires more control over moisture
Training through different themes in each class
Allow students to gradually become familiar with
Master the control and application of moisture.

[Five basic techniques and exploration]
above moisture master
Through exercises on different topics
Gradually understand and master the five most basic techniques in watercolor techniques:
Flat paint, overlap, stitch, render, dry erase
It is supplemented by the knowledge of basic composition, color science, material science, graphics and perspective, etc.
Then complete a watercolor painting.

【Self-style exploration and sublimation】
After practicing repeatedly and gradually mastering the basic concepts and five techniques
Guided by professional teachers
Explore various derivative and advanced techniques
Finally, think about the most suitable and favorite techniques, and find your own creative style.

Every class, our artist teachers will check the progress of the students
Prepare for different subjects/themes
Through work demonstrations, oral presentations, etc.
Guide students to deepen "techniques" and painting "concepts"
Let the art of watercolor show at your feet, let you do it.


​ Environment Introduction Video of Paino Art Center

Course and experience time



The experience course time is the same as the regular class time

​ For details, please click the link below to make an appointment

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