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All-American Chess Master Training Class
English Chess for Teachers


​ became the second specialty of chess

Chess is a popular leisure activity all over the world, while playing, it trains your critical thinking, problem-solving skills and execution ability to plan for the future. This course is taught in English. Under the leadership of foreign teachers, you will learn basic to advanced chess playing skills, train spatial thinking, expand English vocabulary, cultivate the second specialty of life, participate in competitions to obtain results, let chess Become your sideline, enrich your life!

During the epidemic period, the training classes for chess masters in the United States were fully [online]

Launch a multi-learning online classroom, so that you can keep learning at home during the epidemic!

(For detailed implementation, please refer to the description below)


By taking this chess course, yours will gain...

Second specialty

American conversation

keen observation

plan execution


Second specialty

Professional foreign teachers will teach you the necessary skills of chess games, and guide you to participate in competitions, or get scores/achievements, so that elegant chess skills will become your second specialty and life sideline!


American conversation

Foreign teachers teach in English. Through the process of learning chess and talking with foreign teachers, you can strengthen your language input and output, and learn chess English to improve your conversational communication skills.


keen observation

​Chess can train your observation ability, make you good at analyzing the opponent's mind, better able to see the overall situation, grasp the rhythm of the game, and improve your soft power in the workplace!


plan execution

Every game of chess is like making a long-term and precise plan, which will train your ability to plan and execute, and at the same time give you the skills to flexibly adjust the plan, allowing you to gain practical soft power in the workplace/life!

Course Information

Implementation of online courses

1. Material preparation:
will be"Free Online Chess Game"Teaching without bringing your own physical chess set!

2. Teaching methods:
useZoom platformConduct "synchronous" online classes.
Before the class, the pre-class notice and meeting link will be sent to you via Line,
After entering the meeting room during the class time, you need to turn on the "video camera" to have classes with Chinese/foreign teachers simultaneously.

Chinese/foreign teachers will teach you to play the game step by step like a physical course,
The teacher-student ratio is also compared with the physical course, which is1:8 high teacher-student ratio,
And in a timely manner, "share the screen" to explain the concepts and concepts of the course and knowledge.

3. Course Hours
The original class will be split into two classes,10 minutes after class,
Give your eyes and body adequate rest!

4. If the Ministry of Education resumes classes, Beden will also cooperate with the government to resume physical classes.

5. If you do not arrange online courses for the time being, we will postpone your courses until the epidemic situation is postponed and arrange physical teaching.

Sunday 14:00-17:00
Sunday 18:30-21:30
​ (experience class time is the same as above)

  • Online course time:

  • There is a class time of 10 minutes in the middle hall, so that your eyes can fully rest!

  • ​ Enrollment target: adult

Trial class price 500 $

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