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Xie Ming Liberal Arts School

Covering elementary school, middle school and high school, 12 years of national education professional teaching and counseling, personalized program design, tailor-made study plan


course features

Refined small class

tutoring management

​ big data assisted learning

Since its establishment in 2014, Xie Mingwenli has adhered toRefined small classTeaching, integrating modern technology, introducingMedical-grade target learning. We pay special attention to the quality of teaching. Our full-time teachers all have top university degrees in Taiwan. They are young, enthusiastic and empathetic. They are at the cutting edge of learning and always selflessly share their own learning experience with students.

Cloud detection system

Learning literacy

We have the most professionaldouble teacherandCloud detection system, for each student, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and carry outTutoring Management Counseling. Based on the results of big data analysis, the knowledge points of the problems are cut into one by one, and the right medicine is prescribed to effectively improve the learning literacy of students. The big formula for learning literacy is:

knowledge + skills + attitude =effectively integrate with life

What is a double-teacher school?

Double teachers = American teachers + Taiwanese teachers

Depend onamerican teacherResponsible for managing students' grades, and through online digitalThe interactive system answers students' questions;Taiwan teacher(National University Hsieh Ming Literary and Science Series Teacher Group) assists American teachers to implement students' English learning goals and Coaching coaching management in Taiwan.

Through two classes per day during the summer vacation and eight classes per week during the semester, not only can you develop your English skills, but you can also learn English in 2.5-4 yearsObtain an American high school diploma. (Apply for the TOEFL-free application for Universities in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It is more advantageous to apply for popular departments of well-known American universities, and it is easy to get a job after graduation and internship!)​

Teacher presentation

Xie Mingzhang, founder of the school
Graduated from National Taiwan University Engineering Institute
Technical director of the semiconductor industry (listed company)
Director of Chip Manufacturing Division (listed company)
Certified Chinese Language Teachers
More than 20 years of teaching experience

Xie Ming Wenli


Zhang Yizhe
Graduated from Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal University
Awarded the best teacher of the year for many times
Teaching style: Mathematics expert, humble, patient and empathetic!

Course Details

Tuition fee for this class,Always pay monthly!

Respect each other and reduce the one-time major financial burden on parents.

The quality of learning is high, and the monthly tuition fee is not expensive.

Xie Ming Liberal Arts School

Address: No. 20, Lane 419, Guangfu South Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City

​ Tel:02 8789 8958

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