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Neihu Herrion Community
Christmas party

The occasional handmade Christmas stocking x gift exchange is here!
For the first time, Bideen cooperated with Neihu Heliong community,
The professional foreign teachers of Beden Art American English classrooms are dispatched abroad,
With the professional fine arts teacher of Bideen Art Center,
​Lead the residents and babies to enjoy the festive atmosphere!


At the beginning, Mr. James, a professional foreign teacher who has a TESOL American English teaching license, will conduct a warm-up activity! Does the teacher's lively conversation and expressions deeply attract the little ones?

Through warm-up activities, play games and interact with children, guide children who dare not speak English to express themselves bravely! Get ready for the next themed event!


The appearance of the little ones participating earnestly, even the parents exclaimed: I have never seen children studying so earnestly! The charm of Mr. James is really unstoppable!

The Helion community was suddenly filled with children's laughter, and the residents were having a great time! What novelty did Mr. James bring us? Come take a look!


It turned out to be Santa's Christmas stocking! Watching the children carefully choose colors, cut and paste, how serious they are!

Simply make Christmas stockings with non-woven fabrics, and give children a Christmas hope full of anticipation! You can also decorate the Christmas stocking with the gift you are looking forward to!


Finally came the most anticipated part of the children: exchanging gifts! The little ones rushed forward one after another, eager to unwrap the presents, so innocent and cute!

Happy Christmas this year!


​Biden International Co., Ltd. outsourcing activities,

Provide event planning and expatriate teacher services,Meet your planning and manpower needs at once!

If you have any needs, please contact us by phone:02-8791-1701

​ will be at your service!

Neihu Helion community cooperation case successfully concluded!

​ The love of the residents and children is the motivation for Beden to work hard!

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