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Neihu Wenxin AIT Community

Merry Christmas, hand drawn happiness

Handmade Candle x Painted Pattern Hand
bedrockCooperate with Neihu Wenxin AIT community,
The professional foreign teachers of Beden Art American English classrooms are dispatched abroad,
With the professional fine arts teacher of Bideen Art Center,
​ Welcome the new year with your baby!


The mothers and children are led by a professional French foreign teacher from Beden, while learning English conversation, while "learning by doing" to make their own dried flower handmade candles, and ignite a new atmosphere!

The eyes of the little baby and mother watching the teacher's demonstration are really charming! Professional art teachers lead residents to learn decoration and arrangement, making beautiful candles is so simple!


Every flower has its own flower language, which one would you like to choose to represent the flower language in the new year? The creative and innovative handmade candles are complete!

​ The professional art teacher concentrates on helping the little baby paint, and the little baby is too nervous to move! What exactly did the teacher draw?


It turned out to be a Christmas floral tattoo that incorporates New Year imagery! Combining traditional New Year and Christmas painting creations, bring home a good mood!

Mothers like our French foreign teacher very much! The personality of relatives reduces the language barrier, mothers who dare not speak English can start talking with the teacher!


Not only the mother, but even the grandma likes the foreign teacher very much! Seeing the happy appearance of the residents and the babies is the greatest comfort for Bedorn!

December this year is so happy!

​Biden International Co., Ltd. outsourcing activities,

Provide event planning and expatriate teacher services,Meet your planning and manpower needs at once!

If you have any needs, please contact us by phone:02-8791-1701

​ will be at your service!

Neihu Wenxin AIT community cooperation case successfully concluded!

​ The love of the residents and children is the motivation for Beden to work hard!

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