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Neihu Wenxin AIT Community

halloween party

Handmade pumpkin x dress up catwalk
Bideen cooperated with Neihu Wenxin AIT community for the first time,
The professional foreign teachers of Beden Art American English classrooms are dispatched abroad,
With the professional fine arts teacher of Bideen Art Center,
​ Get in the Halloween spirit with your baby!


​ For the first cooperation, please invite Mr. James, who has a TESOL English teaching certificate, to lead the little ones to warm up their voices, open their mouths to interact with the teacher, and prepare for the upcoming theme activities!

Whoa, we're about to start making Halloween pumpkins! Teacher James was afraid that the children would be unfamiliar with English, so he deliberately slowed down and added vivid and funny expressions to make the children concentrate!


After listening to the teacher's explanation, the little ones are seriously decorating their pumpkins, isn't it cute! Not sure what the finished product looks like? Looking forward to it!

​While waiting for the pumpkin to dry, the little baby is drawing a draft with a magic pen to draw the little Halloween monster in his mind!


​ "I want to draw Yayoi Kusama's dotted pumpkin!" shouted the child. Through pumpkin painting, children are introduced to Yayoi Kusama, an internationally renowned art master, and they can learn knowledge while being creative. Isn’t it great!

Parents are also very satisfied with Mr. James and Bideen's professional art teacher! While my mother asked about the art of the major of the middle school, the middle school also answered it very seriously!


The little ones will also ask Mr. James if they have any questions. It seems that painting can really eliminate language barriers! Seeing how the children communicated with the teacher in English seriously, it was amazing!


Happy Halloween this year!

​Biden International Co., Ltd. outsourcing activities,

Provide event planning and expatriate teacher services,Meet your planning and manpower needs at once!

If you have any needs, please contact us by phone:02-8791-1701

​ will be at your service!

Neihu Wenxin AIT community cooperation case successfully concluded!

​ The love of the residents and children is the motivation for Beden to work hard!

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