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Junior high school adult English

Supplementary teaching by the famous teacher Liu Yi, learning English at one mouth So Easy!

Liu Yibu, a famous teacher, has developed the latest English learning method "English Word Gold".

Liu Yi is well-known in the supplementary education field. Now in his 70s, he has created a whirlwind of reciting English and learning English with his mouth on both sides of the Taiwan Strait with his carefully developed "English in one breath" series. In recent years, he has guided many famous teachers and has made outstanding contributions to the education and supplementary education fields. This year, with the enthusiasm for teaching and the support of students, he launched the "English One-Character Classic" again. Once launched, it has attracted the attention of the education circles on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Admired.

Interview with Liu Yi, a famous supplementary teacher

Recite Chinese idioms and learn English in one breath, and export them easily!

Liu Yi's English one-character scriptures, a new way to save English!

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