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Study Abroad Planning
​Create a dream of studying in California, USA, from distance learning to study abroad planning

Bideen PAIA cooperates with time-honored overseas study agencies in China to provide one-stop services, from taking American elementary school to high school courses, homework guidance, to career orientation, choosing volunteers, applying for studying abroad, writing English autobiography, etc., smoothly connected Studying in the U.S. has no worries!


California Study Abroad Planning
Why choose us?

Beiden cooperates with time-honored overseas study agencies in China and upholds a high degree of service enthusiasm. Whether it is professional consulting for school application, agency services for studying abroad, or short-term and long-term study tour plans, we will provide the most suitable for each student's needs. Professional and thoughtful study abroad consulting planning, the most reasonable budget arrangement, tailor-made for students their own way of studying abroad, so that students and parents can go abroad with peace of mind and peace of mind, and fulfill their dream of studying abroad!

​Through studying the AIA American High School Three-Year Plan in Bideen and purchasing the service of studying abroad agency, you will getdiscounted price,It is more convenient and economical than directly looking for overseas study agencies on the market!

Study Abroad Planning Service Features

One-to-one professional consultation

Any student who needs to study abroad, as long as they make an appointment in advance, each consultant will provide advice on studying abroad according to the student's background, school performance, budget planning and other conditions. Students can contact advisors during office hours to inquire and get answers.

Personalized service process

From the language test before going abroad, school application, visa counseling, air tickets and accommodation arrangements, to the study tracking after going abroad and the planning suggestions for subsequent further studies, the consultants provide consulting advice for each process, so that students can start with peace of mind and concentrate on studying.

Complete study abroad plan

According to the students' school grades, language skills, interests, economic budget, countries and places of study abroad, etc., the consultants provide suggestions on the choice of schools and departments, and objectively analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the application, so that students can fully grasp their study abroad plans. And continue to track the study status after going abroad to provide suggestions for subsequent education, so that parents can feel at ease and students can feel at ease.


Study Abroad Planning Service Project

  1. Preliminary Consultation by Study Abroad Consultant

  2. In-school performance test (GPA)

  3. Provide admission criteria for school selection and university/department rankings

  4. School Catalog Reference

  5. Primary election/secondary election/final election school selection counseling

  6. Suggestions on revision of English preparation documents

  7. Assistance in filling out the application form

  8. Application documents sent

  9. Application progress tracking and contact

  10. Reply to Confirmation of Enrollment Letter

  11. Apply to a language school

  12. Purchasing student air tickets and contacting airport pick-up matters

  13. Apply for an International Student ID

  14. Apply for accommodation (school dormitory/homestay)

  15. Assistance with student visa

Parents who sign up for the AIA International School curriculum plan are welcome to purchase study abroad planning services!

If you have any questions, please write to us

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